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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Chytridiomycota
M.J. Powell 2007
Type species
Chytridium spp.
A. Braun, 1851


Chytridiomycota is a phylum of the Fungi kingdom. The name comes from chytridium (from the Greek chytridion, meaning "little pot"): the structure containing unreleased spores.

The chytrids are the most primitive of the fungi. Many chytrids are found in fresh water. There are approximately 1,000 chytrid species, in 127 genera, distributed among 5 orders.

Chytrids get their energy mostly from non-living organic matter.

Both zoospores and gametes of the chytrids are mobile by their flagella, one whiplash per individual.

Some chytrid species are known to kill amphibians in large numbers. The actual process, however, is unknown.

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