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Ōei (応永) was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō,, lit. "year name") after Meitoku and before Shōchō. This period started in July 1394 and ended in April 1428. During this time, the emperors were Go-Komatsu-tennō (後小松天皇,) and Shōkō-tennō (称光天皇).

Events of the Ōei era

Tsushima 1471
In the 26th year of Ōei, Tsushima Island was invaded by Korean military forces. 15th century map by Sin Suk-ju
  • 27 August 1394 (Ōei 1, 1st day of the 7th month): Former-Emperor Chōkei died.
  • 1398 (Ōei 5): Kinkaku-ji or "Gold Pavillion" is built by Ashikaga Yoshimitsu.
  • September 1398 (Ōei 5, 8th month): In the 6th year of the reign of King Taejong of Joseon, a Korean diplomatic mission was received in Japan.
  • 1399 (Ōei 6): Ōei Rebellion (応永の乱 Ōei-no-ran) began. Ōuchi Yoshiharu raised an army against Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu.
  • 1401 (Ōei 8, 2nd month): The Imperial Palace was destroyed by fire.
  • 1402 (Ōei 9): A letter from the emperor of China was received by Yoshimitsu; and this formal communication mistakenly gives the title "king of Japan" to the Japanese shogun.
  • 1419 (Ōei 26) : Ōei Invasion (応永の外寇 Ōei no gaikō) was a Joseon military action in Tsushima Province (Tsushima Island). More than 200 ships and 17,000 fighting men took part in this military expedition.
  • 10 May 1424 (Ōei 31, 12th day of the 4th month): Former-Emperor Go-Kameyama died.

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