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Millennium: 1st millennium
Centuries: 2nd century3rd century4th century
Decades: 190s  200s  210s  – 220s –  230s  240s  250s
Years: 223 224 225 – 226 – 227 228 229

Year 226 (CCXXVI) was a common year starting on Sunday of the Julian calendar.


By place


  • June 29 – Cao Pi dies. His son Cao Rui becomes emperor of the Kingdom of Wei.
  • King Ardashir I defeats Artabanus IV. He is crowned "King of Kings" of the Persian Empire. This begins the 400 year-reign of the Sassanid Empire.
  • The Empire of Parthia falls.



  • June 29 – Cao Pi, Emperor of the Kingdom of Wei (China) (b. 187)
  • Shi Xie, ruler of Jiaozhi (b. 137)
  • Shi Hui, son of Shi Xie
  • Shi Zhi, eldest son of Shi Xie
  • Artabanus IV, last ruler of the Parthian Empire

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