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3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain
3 ninjas high noon at mega mountain poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Sean McNamara
Produced by Arthur Leeds
Sang-ok Shin
Written by Sean McNamara
Jeff Phillips
Music by John Coda
Cinematography Blake T. Evans
Editing by Annamaria Szanto
Studio Sheen Productions, inc.
Leeds Ben-Ami Productions, inc.
Distributed by TriStar Pictures
Release date(s) April 10, 1998 (1998-04-10)
Running time 93 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Money made $ 375,805 (U.S.)

3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain is a 1998 American martial arts film. It is the fourth and final installment in the 3 Ninjas franchise.

Directed by Sean McNamara, the film stars only three of the original actors. None of the child actors from the previous films returned for this installment. Victor Wong is the only cast member to appear in all four films. It is also his final film before his death in 2001. It was filmed in Denver, Colorado at Elitch Gardens.


During their summer vacation with their grandfather Mori, Rocky, Colt and Tum-Tum take a test on an obstacle course in pitch blackness. They manage to complete the course, yet fail to learn how to use their other senses, in place of sight. Later that night, Mori overhears Rocky and Colt planning on not returning the next year due to them growing older, leaving Tum-Tum for himself. Mori becomes depressed at this.

Returning home, Tum-Tum also becomes depressed after learning that his favorite TV show called Dave Dragon & the Star Force 5 is going off the air soon from cancellation and not even the sandwich can cheer him up that was made, which confuses his mother Jessica. During the next day, they meet a new neighbor, Amanda, who accidentally crashes her remote controlled helicopter into their house's window; she apologizes for it. To recompense, Jessica invites her for breakfast & to attend Tum-Tum's birthday party at Mega Mountain; an amusement park modeled after Six Flags. Once they arrive to the park, Rocky goes off on his own to spend with his girlfriend, Jennifer alongside with her friends Eric, Doyle & Veronica while Tum-Tum convinces Colt to go with him to a special live Dave Dragon show. While the kids are enjoying themselves, a criminal named Mary Ann "Medusa" Rogers and her henchmen sneaks in to infiltrate and commandeer the park, disabling many rides and shutting the place down to hold the patrons hostage where they’ve use the park's command center as based of operations and she threatens the park's owner, Harry Jacobsons to pay the exchange of $10 Million ransom for their safety. Meanwhile, Tum-Tum and Colt wants to get the autograph from Dave until they witness and save him from being captured by Medusa's henchmen (who they seems be know as the only viable threat to Medusa's plans) and then chases them down onto the western theme special show. Rocky spots this from the security camera and rejoins his brothers fending them. The boys & Amanda realizes the ideal of the park being compromised and awakens Dave to tell about it who then goes off to fight them off before Amanda finds the radio to transmits on top of the park's tower to call the Police and the Firefighters unit for emergency. However, Medusa and her henchmen spots the police and ambushes them which this causes the FBI led by Sam after he was called in about this situation. Afterwards, Medusa orders her Jamaican sidekick C.J. to jeopardize the Avalanche ride. After planning to save the guests on the Avalanche ride, Amanda gives the boys some arsenals of weapons that she possesses that they make uses of those to fight against some of Medusa’s henchmen while she tries to stop the ride with emergency stops control before uses her laptop to override the controls, but they then met Medusa from the camera monitor before she snapshot their faces with it.

Knowing that they will interfere with her plans, Medusa sends her 3 dimwitted nephews Carl, Buelow and Zed to capture them, but they are taken down by the boys who use the park's carnival game and a ride with their ninja skills. Meanwhile, Dave sneaks into the command center, but is quickly discovered and captured while the Police & FBI brings the SWAT unit for some reinforcements until Medusa’s henchmen prevents them from entering the park by the trap setup with electricity. In the meantime, Amanda utilizes the park’s main control systems with her laptop to locking the access down with C.J. tried to wrestles the control before Medusa quickly access the roller coaster’s emergency brake before having her henchmen to imprison Dave to the middle of the roller coaster loop with some several guests that are held hostage where one of Medusa’s henchmen tortures him while Medusa demands Jacobson for the guests safety, making Sam implores Jacobson to pay her the ransom.

Finding a picture footage of Rocky and his girlfriend Jennifer, Medusa’s nephews capture Jennifer and ties her to the bottom of the roller coaster loop tracks, at which Medusa threatens to crush her if they don’t cooperate. Rocky goes off to rescue Jennifer. Watching the video footage of her nephews tying Jennifer at the loop track, Medusa sends her second-in-command Lothar Zogg out to make sure they don't interfere. Rocky arrives to rescue her, but he gets attacked by Lothar. After a fight that leads to both Rocky and Lothar ending up at the top of the roller coaster loop, Rocky knocks Lothar off with a yo-yo around his ankle to make him literally bounces out of the park and into the hands of the FBI that are stationed outside of the park. Rocky then manages to free Jennifer before Medusa releases the roller coaster that can crush them both. Jacobson arrives via helicopter with the several bags of money to pay the ransom, but Amanda manages to destroy last one of the bags with her helicopter that rains down onto the park with many guests started snatching it all. She is quickly captured by Medusa, who escapes underground with the remainder of the money. When Dave fends off the Medusa's ninjas, she knocks him out. The boys successfully manages to defeat some of Medusa's ninjas until she shoots all of the lights out on sight. After she darkens the halls, Medusa's ninjas attacks the boys with their night vision goggles to fight against them. Despite the disadvantage, the boys overcome their weakness in the dark with Mori's advice by using their senses, defeating Medusa's ninjas, in order to rescue Amanda, who is handcuffed next to a bomb. They manage to free her, but they are unable to disarm the bomb due to the short circuited powers, so they attach it to an some oxygen tanks and with Dave's help, they knock off the tank's valves and send it off like a torpedo down to Medusa's escape ship, which explodes on impact. Alerted to the explosion, the FBI arrive to capture Medusa at the beach, who resigns herself to defeat.

Now hailed and commemorated as heroes, the boys give the credit to Dave Dragon, hailing him as the real hero, to the press. After reuniting with their parents and grandfather, the Rocky and Colt assures Mori that they will not be leaving their training. They also extend the offer to Amanda to come train with them on the following year and she gladly accepts. The film ends with them all celebrating Tum-Tum's birthday.


  • Mathew Botuchis as Samuel "Rocky" Douglas
  • Michael O'Laskey II as Jeffrey "Colt" Douglas
  • James Paul Roeske ll as Michael "Tum-Tum" Douglas
  • Hulk Hogan as Dave Dragon
  • Emily Roeske as Little Girl
  • Lindsay Felton as Jennifer
  • Chelsey Earlywine as Amanda
  • Alan McRae as Sam Douglas
  • Margarita Franco as Jessica Douglas
  • Victor Wong as Grandpa Mori Tanaka
  • Loni Anderson as Mary Ann "Medusa" Rogers
  • Jim Varney as Lothar Zogg
  • Kirk Baily as Carl
  • Brendan O'Brien as Zed
  • Travis McKenna as Buelow
  • Dwayne Carrington as C.J.
  • Pat Mahoney as Harry Jacobson
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