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  • 669 BC - Assurbanipal succeeds his father Esarhaddon as king of Assyria
  • 668 BC - Shamash-shum-ukin, son of Esarhaddon, becomes King of Babylon
  • 668 BC - Egypt revolts against Assyria
  • 667 BC - Byzantium founded by Megaran colonists under Byzas. (traditional date)
  • 664 BC - First naval battle in Greek recorded history, between Corinth and Corcyra
  • 664 BC - Assurbanipal captures and sacks Thebes, Egypt
  • 664 BC - Psammetichus I succeeds Necho I as king of Lower Egypt
  • 664 BC - Taharqa appoints his nephew Tantamani as his successor of Upper Egypt
  • 660 BC - Legendary Emperor Jimmu's reign starts; traditional date of 1st Japanese monarch of Yamato dynasty
  • 660 BC - First known use of the demotic script
  • 660 BC - Psammetichus I drives the Assyrians out of Egypt

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