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King of Assyria
Reign 668 – ca. 627 BC
Akkadian Aššur-bāni-apli
Greek Sardanapalos
Latin Sardanapalus
Born 685 BC
Died 627 BC
Assurbanipal op jacht
Ashurbanipal hunting, a palace relief from Nineveh.
Assurbanipal als hogepriester
Ashurbanipal as High Priest.

Ashurbanipal (685 BC – 627 BC), the son of Esarhaddon, was the last great king of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. He established (started) the first organized library in the ancient Middle East, the Library of Ashurbanipal, which survives in part today at Nineveh.

In the Bible he is called Asenappar. Roman historian Justinus identified him as Sardanapalus, and describes him as effeminate.

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