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Total population
ca. 90 million
Regions with significant populations
 Iran 49,312,834 (61–65% of total population)
 Turkey 618,000
 Iraq 405,000
 United States 331,000
 Israel 250,000
 United Arab Emirates 238,250
 Germany 200,000
 Canada 173,760
 Russia 172,303
 Qatar 160,000
Persian Caucasian Tat, and Judeo-Tat), Luri
Primarily Shiite Muslim, also Sunni Muslims, Sufi Muslim
Irreligion, Christianity, Bahá'í, Judaism, Zorastrianism
Related ethnic groups
Iranian peoples, Kurds

The Persians are an ethnic group who speak the Persian language and share the same culture and history. In Western writings, it is common to name all ancient Iranians as Persian, although some of them were not of the Persian culture, and did not speak the Persian language.

Persian people include many groups, such as Tats. Most of them live in Iran.

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