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Philip the Arab
33rd Emperor of the Roman Empire
Bust of emperor Philippus Arabus - Hermitage Museum.jpg
Reign 244–247 (alone);
247–249 (with Philippus II)
Predecessor Gordian III
Successor Decius and Herennius Etruscus
Born c. 204
Philippopolis, Arabia Petraea
Died 249 (aged 45)
Verona, Italia
  • Marcia Otacilia Severa
Issue Marcus Julius Philippus Severus (Philippus II, 238–249)
Full name
Marcus Julius Philippus (from birth to accession);
Caesar Marcus Julius Philippus Augustus (as emperor)
Father Julius Marinus

Philip the Arab (Latin: Marcus Julius Philippus Augustus; Arabic: فيليب العربي , Feyleyb al-Arabi; c. 204 – 249) was the ruler of the Roman Empire from 244 to 249 AD.

He is known as Philip the Arab for two reasons. He came from modern-day Syria, then the Roman province of Arabia Petraea and is descended from an Arabian tribe that migrated to Syria from what is today Yemen.

He was one of the Roman rulers that ended war with the empire known as the Sassanids, a dynasty of Persians.

He became emperor after Gordian III. During his reign, Rome celebrated its millennium or its 1,000th anniversary of existence.

Many say that unlike the Pagan rulers of the Romans, Philip was nice to the Christians and let them practice their faith openly. Philip and his wife received letters from Origen.

Philip was overthrown and killed following a rebellion led by his successor Decius.

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