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ASG Nocerina.png
Full name A.S.G. Noceorina
Nickname(s) Mastini (Mastiffs)
rossonero (Red-Black)
Founded 1988 (as U.S. Nocerina)
2008 (re-founded as A.S.G. Nocerina)
Dissolved 2015
Ground Stadio San Francesco d'Assisi
Ground Capacity 7,632
Manager Roberto Chiancone
Third colours

A.S.G. Nocerina S.r.l., was an Italian association football club, based in Nocera Inferiore, Campania. The club withdrew from the league in 2015 and was replaced by A.S.D. Città di Nocera 1910 (formerly "Città di Agropoli"), which known as A.S.D. Nocerina 1910 since July 2016.

A.S.G. Nocerina S.r.l. was a new legal person to replace A.G. Nocerina 1910 S.r.l., while the latter, formerly known as U.S. Nocerina S.r.l. and Polisportiva Nocera Superiore, was a phoenix club of "A.C. Nocerina S.p.A." (formerly "A.G. Nocerina"). A.C. Nocerina bankrupted in 1988.


A.G. Nocerina and A.C. Nocerina

The club was founded in 1910 as "Associazione Giovanile Nocera" [sic]. The club was incorporated as "Associazione Calcio Nocerina S.p.A." in 1978. In the same year the club promoted to Serie B.

U.S. Nocerina, A.G. Nocerina 1910 and A.S.G. Nocerina

In 1988, A.C. Nocerina was excluded from professional league. At the same time, another football club from Nocera Superiore: Polisportiva Nocera Superiore, was relocated to Nocera Inferiore as a phoenix club, namely Unione Sportiva Nocerina, The club was incorporated as a società a responsabilità limitata in 1994.

The club was then known as Associazione Giovanile Nocerina 1910 S.r.l. in 2000. In 2008, a new legal person of the same club was incorporated, namely A.S.G. Nocerina S.r.l. Dilettanti. The club was admitted to 2009–10 Lega Pro Seconda Divisione season on 30 July 2009, thus dropping amateur (Italian: dilettanti) from the legal suffix of the club.

Another A.S.G. Nocerina, A.S. Gioventù Nocerina, was the former name of the futsal (5-a-side-football) team A.S. Pagani Futsal, which was used until 2003. The two A.S.G. Nocerina had no relation to each other.

Serie B

In 2011, A.S.G. Nocerina won Serie B promotion from Lega Pro Prima Divisione. So returning to it after 32 years for the third time (if counting the club as the legitimate successor of A.C. Nocerina), following the two seasons played in 1948 and in 1979. Nocerina was relegated at the end of the season after finishing 20th in the Serie B table and returned to the Lega Pro Prima Divisione.

Phoenix club

In 2015, another club from another comune was relocated to Nocera Inferiore and renamed to A.S.D. Città di Nocera 1910.

Colors and badge

The team's colours are red and black. The club's nickname is the mastiffs.

Former players

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Former managers

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A.S.G. Nocerina

A.C. Nocerina

The last 10 seasons

Season Pos. League Notes
2005–06 13th Serie C2 (Group C)
2006–07 16th Serie C2 (Group C) relegated after playout
2007–08 3rd Serie D (Group I)
2008–09 2nd Serie D (Group H) admission to Lega Pro Seconda Divisione to fill vacancies
2009–10 13th Lega Pro Seconda Divisione (Group B) repêchage to Lega Pro Prima Divisione to fill vacancies
2010–11 1st Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Group B) promoted to Serie B
2011–12 20th Serie B relegated to Lega Pro Prima Divisione
2012–13 4th Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Group B) lost promotion playoff semi-final to Latina
2013–14 17th Lega Pro Prima Divisione (Group B) excluded from competition; forcibly relegated to Eccellenza Campania Group B.
2014–15 equal 7th Eccellenza Campania (Group B) withdrew from league at the end of season
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