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Aegean cat
Young male Aegean house cat

The Aegean cat (Greek: γάτα του Αιγαίου) is a breed of cat. It first lived on the Cyclades islands on the Aegean Sea. This is how it got its name. Because it was an island cat, it likes to play in water and to catch fish.

The Aegean now lives all over Greece and is a common domestic cat that lives in homes. But there are also many that are feral in Greece. This means they are not tame and they run wild. They hang around fishing ports begging for food. This breed is probably the only cat that began in Greece.


Aegean cat fur is medium long. It gives good protection during bad winter weather. They have two or three colors. One of the colors is always white, with no yellow tone. Other colors can be black, red, blue, and cream. The fur may or may not have tabby stripes. These cats are strong with muscles and are medium-sized. The paws are medium in size and have a round shape. The eyes are always green and they have an almond shape.

Aegeans as pets

The Aegean cat has been tame for hundreds of years and has been living where people are. So it is a friendly and intelligent pet that likes attention. The Aegean can not only live in an apartment, but is also a good rodent catcher outside.

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