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A tray of alcapurrias
Alcapurria filling
Course Appetizer
Place of origin Puerto Rico
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Green banana, yautía, achiote and meat
Other information Popular throughout:
Puerto Rico

Alcapurria is a popular fritter dish from Puerto Rico.


Its may have influence from Middle Eastern kibbi as there is a significant amount of Lebanese and Egyptians in San Juan.


The dough surrounding the filling, the masa, is made primarily of green banana and grated xanthosoma ("yautía") in most of Puerto Rico with optional addition of squash or potato. Green banana can be replaced with breadfruit, cassava, taro, or green plantains. Seasoned with lard or olive oil, annatto, garlic, and salt. The annatto gives it signature yellow/orange color. Annatto seeds are cooked gently in lard or oil to release most of its color and flavor. Seeds are discarded and oil is then poured over the masa.

The masa is refrigerated for several hours to achieve a solid consistency, then filled with picadillo, corn beef, blood sausage, braised meat, cheese, sea food, or vegetables and deep-fried in oil or backed (alcapurrias horneadas).When cooked, the fritter is "hot and brittle". Alcapurrias are served at kiosks and at fine restaurants, as well.


During the COVID-19 pandemic in Puerto Rico and the lockdowns that went along with it, small restaurants around the island found ways to deliver hot alcapurrias to people's homes.

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