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Alectryon macrococcus
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A. m. var. auwahiensis
Conservation status
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Alectryon macrococcus, known as ʻAlaʻalahua or Māhoe in Hawaiian, is a species of flowering tree in the soapberry family, Sapindaceae, that is endemic to Hawaii.

Alectryon macrococcus var. auwahiensis has been found growing naturally only (endemic) in Maui, where it grows in Hawaiian tropical dry forests on the south slope of Haleakalā at elevations of 360–1,070 m (1,180–3,510 ft). It is threatened by habitat loss.

Alectryon macrococcus var. macrococcus inhabits mesic forests at elevations of 365–1,035 m (1,200–3,400 ft) on Kauaʻi, Oʻahu, Molokaʻi and western Maui.

These trees can reach 11 m (36 ft) tall. Their leaves are each made up of oval-shaped, asymmetrical, net-veined leaflets. Variety auwahiensis has leaflets with rusty-red undersides. The fruits contain a seed with a bright red aril. The arils are sweet-tasting and were food for native Hawaiians. The seeds also attract rats, whose consumption of them prevents the plants of this endangered species from reproducing. The black twig borer (Xylosandrus compactus) destroys the twigs.

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