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Ali ibn Musa
Imam reza-224009.jpg
Born 766 CE
Died 818 CE
Other names Ar-Ridha
Known for Mysticism, Shia Imam

Ali ibn Musa (Arabic: علي ابن موسى ‎), also known by his title Ar-Ridha (the contented), was the eighth Shia Imam, after his father Musa al-Kadhim, and before his son Muhammad al-Jawad. He was an Imam of knowledge according to the Zaydi (Fiver) Shia school and Sufis. He lived in a period when Abbasid caliphs were facing many difficulties, the most important of which was Shia revolts. The Caliph Al-Mamun tried to fix this problem by appointing Al-Ridha as the next caliph, however, according to the Shia view, when Al-Ma'mun saw that the Imam gained even more popularity, he decided to correct his mistake by poisoning him. The Imam was buried in a village in Khorasan, which afterwards gained the name Mashhad, meaning the place of martyrdom. Today the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad occupies a total area of 598,657 square meters (147.931 acres).


Following works are attributed to him.

  • Al-Risalah al-Dhahabiah (The Golden Treatise)
  • Sahifa Al-Ridha
  • Uyun al Akhbar Al-Ridha
  • Fiqh Al-Ridha (Al-Ridha's Jurisprudence)

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