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American Robin

Connecticut has a variety of animal species.


There are 599 Connecticut species listed as endangered, threatened or of special concern. These are 11 species of mammals, 50 species of birds, 11 species of reptiles, 7 species of amphibians, 7 species of fish, and 170 species of invertebrates.

Ancient life

Artist's depiction of a Dilophosaurus wetherelli

The Peabody Museum of Natural History and the Dinosaur State Park are two places which preserve the prehistory of Connecticut.

Extinct species that once roamed Connecticut include Coelophysis, Dilophosaurus, and Eubrontes.

List of native species

Sources appear below.


  • Ampharete arctica
  • Capitella capitata
  • Capitellidae
  • Eteone lactea
  • Glycera dibranchiata
  • Alitta (Nereis) succinea
  • Ophelia sp.
  • Phyllodoce sp.
  • Polydora sp.
  • Scoloplos robustus
  • Spio setosa
  • Spionidae
  • Streblospio benedicti
  • Syllidae sp.


  • Chiridotea s p p.
  • Gammarus sp.
  • Neomysis americana
  • Sphaeroma quadridentata


  • Acteocina canaliculata
  • Gemma gemma
  • Nassarius obsoletus
  • Mulinia lateralis
  • Mya arenaria
  • Nucula sp.
  • Periploma papyratium
  • Retusa canaliculata
  • Tellina agillis

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