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Apollo 5
Mission insignia
LM1 embr original.jpg
Mission statistics
Mission name Apollo 5
Lunar Module LM-1
Spacecraft mass 14,360 kilograms (31,660 lb)
Crew size Unmanned
Booster Saturn IB SA-204
Launch pad Complex 37B
Cape Canaveral AFS
Florida, USA
Launch date January 22, 1968
22:48:09 UTC
Landing {{{landing}}}
Mission duration 11 h 10 m
Number of orbits 7.58
Apogee 222 kilometres (120 nmi)
Perigee 167 kilometres (90 nmi)
Orbital period 88.4 m
Orbital inclination 31.63°
Distance traveled ~300,000 kilometres (160,000 nmi)
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Apollo 5 was the first unmanned test flight of the Apollo Lunar Module. The Apollo Lunar Module was the lander part of Apollo spacecraft. The module was launched on January 22, 1968 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

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