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Arenigs is an informal term for a group of mountains in central Snowdonia, in north Wales. They are not strictly defined, but normally include at least the following peaks:

Welsh mountains Bermo a Betws-y-Coed a'r Bala
The Arenigs, the Rhiniogydd and the Moelwynion
Between Barmouth, Betws-y-Coed and Bala
Name of Peak OS grid reference Geographical coordinates
Arenig Fach SH820415 52.957°N, 3.758°W
Arenig Fawr SH827369 52.916°N, 3.745°W
Arenig Fawr (S top) SH827359 52.907°N, 3.745°W
Arenig Fawr (S top) SH826366 52.913°N, 3.747°W
Bryn-mawr SH801442 52.981°N, 3.787°W
Bryn-pig SH766306 52.858°N, 3.834°W
Carnedd Iago SH782406 52.948°N, 3.814°W
Carnedd Llechwedd-llyfn (Llechwedd-llyfn) SH857446 52.986°N, 3.704°W
Carreg y Diocyn SH831363 52.911°N, 3.739°W
Cerrig y Ieirch (Moel Llechwedd-gwyn) SH758425 52.965°N, 3.850°W
Craig Dolfudr SH828310 52.863°N, 3.742°W
Craig Dolfudr N top SH822317 52.869°N, 3.751°W
Craig y Benglog (Moel Cae'r-defaid) SH805244 52.803°N, 3.774°W
Craig yr Hafod SH888437 52.979°N, 3.657°W
Cynefin Bryn Blew (W top) SH784254 52.812°N, 3.805°W
Dduallt SH810273 52.830°N, 3.767°W
Ffridd yr Allt-llwyd SH797296 52.850°N, 3.787°W
Foel Boeth SH779342 52.891°N, 3.816°W
Foel Cynwch SH736211 52.772°N, 3.875°W
Foel Fawr (Mynydd Maentwrog) SH726394 52.936°N, 3.897°W
Foel Goch SH953422 52.966°N, 3.560°W
Foel Offrwm SH749209 52.771°N, 3.855°W
Foel Ystrodur Fawr SH814340 52.890°N, 3.764°W
Foel-boeth SH864430 52.972°N, 3.693°W
Gallt y Daren SH778344 52.893°N, 3.817°W
Garn Prys SH887483 53.020°N, 3.660°W
Garnedd Fawr SH937423 52.967°N, 3.584°W
Graig Ddu SH888429 52.971°N, 3.657°W
Graig Wen SH739394 52.937°N, 3.877°W
Moel Cae'r-defaid (W peak) SH800246 52.805°N, 3.781°W
Moel Emoel SH937402 52.948°N, 3.583°W
Moel Hafodowen SH754266 52.822°N, 3.850°W
Moel Llechwedd SH829372 52.919°N, 3.743°W
Moel Llyfnant SH808351 52.900°N, 3.773°W
Moel Oernant SH742340 52.888°N, 3.871°W
Moel y Feidiog SH781324 52.875°N, 3.812°W
Moel y Gydros SH914453 52.993°N, 3.619°W
Moel Ymenyn SH839346 52.896°N, 3.727°W
Moel yr Wden (Bwlch y Bi) SH780356 52.903°N, 3.815°W
Mynydd Bryn-llech SH805314 52.866°N, 3.776°W
Mynydd Nodol SH865393 52.939°N, 3.690°W
Orddu SH963423 52.967°N, 3.545°W
Pen y Bwlch Gwyn SH932411 52.956°N, 3.591°W
Rhobell Fawr SH786256 52.814°N, 3.802°W
Rhobell Ganol SH785274 52.830°N, 3.804°W
Rhobell-y-big SH782282 52.837°N, 3.809°W
Waun Garnedd-y-Filiast SH874452 52.992°N, 3.678°W
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