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Asaphodes chionogramma
Asaphodes chionogramma male.jpg
Asaphodes chionogramma female.jpg
Scientific classification
A. chionogramma
Binomial name
Asaphodes chionogramma
(Meyrick, 1883)
  • Larentia chionogramma Meyrick, 1883
  • Xanthorhoe chionogramma (Meyrick, 1883)

Asaphodes chionogramma is a moth in the family Geometridae. It is endemic to New Zealand.


This species was first described by Edward Meyrick in 1883 as Larentia chionogramma. George Hudson further discussed the species in his 1898 volume New Zealand Moths and Butterflies and referred to it as Xanthorhoe chionogramma.


Hudson described the species as follows:

The expansion of the wings is about 1+18 inches. The fore-wings are rather dark greyish-brown ; there are numerous indistinct wavy paler and darker transverse lines near the base ; a rather broad transverse brown band towards the middle, shaded towards the base, and edged with an interrupted jagged white line towards the termen ; beyond this there are several broken darker and paler lines. The hind-wings are very pale greyish-ochreous, clouded with grey near the base, and with several rows of small cloudy grey spots near the termen. The female is paler than the male and the markings are less distinct.

Distribution and habitat

A. chionogramma is endemic to New Zealand and can be found in the South Island. Specimens of this species have been collected in the Mid Canterbury (MC) specimen collection locality as described by Crosby et al. Meyrick collected this species at Mount Hutt and Hudson stated the species occurred in December and January at both Mount Arthur and Mount Hutt.

The habitat of this species is on the lower slopes of mountains in wooded valleys.

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