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Austramathes squaliolus
Scientific classification

Austramathes squaliolus is a species of moth in the family Noctuidae. It was first described by Robert J. B. Hoare in 2017. It is endemic to New Zealand.


The larvae of this species are apparently bright coloured. They are similarly patterned to the larvae of A. fortis and have lateral yellow markings that contrast with the dark dorsal marbling. This marbling is darker in this species in comparison to the lighter A. fortis.

The adult moth has a wingspan of between 25 - 31mm. In appearance the adult moth is again very similar to A. fortis, however the genitalia of the male of A. squaliolus differs from that of A. fortis.


This species is endemic to the Chatham Islands and is fairly common. It has been found on the following islands: Chatham, Pitt, Little Mangere and Rangatira.


Melicytus chathamicus is the host plant for the larvae of this species.

Flight period

Adult moths are on the wing in the months of November and December.

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