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Bangalistan (বাঙালীস্তান) is the name of a proposed separate land or state for the Bengalis in India and it is also a self-sufficient socio-economic zone promoted by the supporters of the political party 'Amra Bangali'. It is a social movement, based on the socio-economic and political theory "Progressive Utilization Theory" (PROUT) given by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. Bengal or Bangalistan was divided several times in the past. The Nellie Massacre, Mandai Massacre, etc. are the examples of criminal activities done against the Bengalis in India. The Bengalis or the followers of Bangalistan movement protested the National Register of Citizens for Assam. The main demand of the movement is to reorganize Bangalistan to save the Bengalis from oppression and exploitation. The areas of Bangalistan in India are: the whole of West Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands,Tripura and some parts of Bihar, Jharkhand and Assam, etc. The Bengalis want to reorganize Bangalistan as per the Article 3(a) of Part 1 of the Constitution of India.


The demands of Bangalistan movement are :

  • Bangalistan should be reorganized for the Bengalis.
  • The national rights of Bengalis should be kept.
  • Bengali language should be used in all official and non-official works in the Bengali speaking states or zones or areas.
  • The Bengali regiment should be reorganized.
  • All Bengali immigrants should be granted Indian nationality.

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