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Fern-leaved banksia
Banksia oblongifolia,
Georges River National Park
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
Order: Proteales
Family: Proteaceae
Genus: Banksia
Subgenus: Banksia
Section: Banksia
Series: Salicinae
Species: B. oblongifolia
Binomial name
Banksia oblongifolia
Distribution of B. oblongifolia (green)
  • Banksia salicifolia Cav.
  • Banksia latifolia var. minor Maiden & Camfield
  • Banksia robur var. minor (Maiden & Camfield) Maiden & Betche
  • Banksia integrifolia var. oblongifolia (Cav.) Domin

Banksia oblongifolia, commonly known as the fern-leaved, dwarf or rusty banksia, is a shrub found in Glasshouse Mountains. It can be found in the central part of the east coast of Australia, from about Wollogong, New South Wales, to Rockhampton, Queensland.

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