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Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar
Princess & Popstar DV.png
DVD Cover
Directed by Zeke Norton
Produced by Shelley Dvi-Vardhana
Shawn McCorkindale
Written by Steve Granat
Cydne Clark
Starring Kelly Sheridan
Ashleigh Ball
Lauren Lavoie
Allison Warnyca
Ellie King
Leala Selina
Ashlyn Drummond
Christopher Gaze
Adrian Petriw
Peter Kelamis
Music by Rebecca Kneubuhl
Gabriel Mann
Editing by Treg Brown
Studio Rainmaker Entertainment
Barbie Entertainment
Distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Release date(s) August 27, 2012 (2012-08-27) (United Kingdom)
September 11, 2012 (2012-09-11) (North America)
Running time 73 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar is a 2012 direct-to-DVD computer-animated musical film produced by Rainmaker Entertainment and released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment. It is the 23rd entry in the Barbie film series and the 2nd Barbie film to be based on Mark Twain's 1881 novel The Prince and the Pauper (the first was Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper). The film features the voices of Kelly Sheridan, Jennifer Waris, Ashleigh Ball, Tiffany Giardina, Ellie King and Peter Kelamis. The film is about two teenage girls, Keira a world famous Popstar and her best friend the princess of Meribella, Princess Victoria Bethany Evangeline Renee (Tori) (both portrayed by Barbie) who meet each other in Meribella.


The kingdom of Meribella is celebrating its 500th anniversary. Famous pop-star Keira is giving a series of concerts to commemorate the event; behind the scenes, she is overwhelmed, between being unable to write new songs and dealing with her overeager manager, Seymour Crider. Meanwhile, the fun-loving Princess Tori is pressured by her domineering aunt, Duchess Amelia, and her royal responsibilities. Both girls wish they could trade lives with the other and take it easy.

At a royal reception, Keira and Tori meet each other and become fast friends. Using Keira’s magic microphone that allows her to change outfits, and Tori’s magic hairbrush that allows her to change hairstyles, the girls convincingly disguise themselves as each other. Tori shows Keira the royal family’s secret magic gardenia plant which grows diamond-encrusted flowers. The girls take two small diamonds from the plant and attach them to their necklaces. Crider finds out about the diamond gardenia and plans to steal it.

Using the magic microphone and hairbrush, the girls plan to switch places for a day and educate one another on their respective lives and routines. While Keira struggles with Tori’s royal duties, playing with Tori’s little sisters inspires her to write music again. Meanwhile, Tori is having fun rehearsing as Keira, but when freely exploring the kingdom, she discovers how badly the ongoing drought has affected the people. The girls decide to extend the switch for another day and make Keira’s final concert a free one so more people can afford to attend.

The following night, when the girls are supposed to switch back, Keira is locked in the Princess’s bedroom by the Duchess because of a commemorative speech Tori has been procrastinating. Though hesitant at first, Tori is forced to go onstage as Keira and manages to perform. Keira escapes Tori’s bedroom through a secret passageway.

While the rest of the royal family is at the concert, Crider and his assistant Rupert sneak into the castle to steal the diamond gardenia. They uproot the gardenia, causing the rest of the kingdom’s plants to wilt. Tori notices this and rushes back to the castle, where she and Keira change back and intercept Crider. Crider attempts to escape with the plant in a wingsuit, but the girls stop him by using the microphone and hairbrush to change his outfit; however, in the process, Crider drops the gardenia into the sea.

Using the diamonds from their necklaces, the girls plant them in the garden, where they instantly grow into a new diamond gardenia and magically revitalize the kingdom’s plant life. The girls rush back to the concert where Keira and Tori perform a spectacular finale together; while sometime later, Tori is shown giving her speech, promising to use her voice to help the kingdom's less fortunate.


  • Kelly Sheridan (speaking) and Jennifer Waris (singing) as Princess Victoria "Tori" Bethany Evangeline Renee, the fun-loving princess of Meribella, who dreams of becoming a popstar like Keira, and often shirks her royal duties to play with her younger sisters.
  • Ashleigh Ball (speaking) and Tiffany Giardina (singing) as Keira, a famous popstar who dreams of being a princess, and is overwhelmed by her work life.
  • Ellie King as Duchess Amelia, Tori's strict and domineering aunt.
  • Peter Kelamis as Seymour Crider, Keira's greedy and ambitious manager and the main antagonist of the film.
  • Jo Frost as Rupert, Crider's bumbling assistant.
  • Allison Warnyca as Nora, Keira's organizer.
  • Christopher Gaze as King Frederick, Tori's father and the king of Meribella.
  • Lauren Lavoie as Princess Meredith, Tori's younger sister.
  • Ashlyn Drummond as Princess Trevi, Tori's youngest sister.
  • Adrian Petriw as Prince Liam, The prince of "Stuffinsburg" who was visiting Meribella. He falls for Keira when she is disguised as Tori.
  • Leala Selina as Vanessa Victoria Fluffypie, Tori's snooty King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.
  • Adrian Petriw as Riff, Keira's playful bulldog.


Barbie: The Princess and The Popstar (Soundtrack)
Soundtrack album by
Jennifer Waris and Tiffany Giardina
Released August 28, 2012
Recorded 2012
Genre Pop rock, teen pop, country pop, dance-pop
Label Mattel, Inc.

A soundtrack album for this movie was released on August 28, 2012. It is available on iTunes. It contains nine tracks, all of the songs featured in the movie.

Track listing

No. Title Performer(s) Length
1. "Here I Am / Princesses Just Want to Have Fun" (performed by Tiffany Giardina and Jennifer Waris)   3:34
2. "I Wish I Had Her Life" (performed by Tiffany Giardina and Jennifer Waris)   2:30
3. "To Be a Princess / To Be a Popstar" (performed by Tiffany Giardina and Jennifer Waris)   3:19
4. "Perfect Day" (performed by Tiffany Giardina and Jennifer Waris)   3:29
5. "Look How High We Can Fly" (performed by Tiffany Giardina)   3:08
6. "Here I Am (Tori Version)" (performed by Jennifer Waris)   3:34
7. "Princess & Popstar Finale Medley" (performed by Tiffany Giardina and Jennifer Waris)   3:22
8. "Princesses Just Want to Have Fun" (performed by Jennifer Waris)   1:29
9. "Here I Am (Keira Version)" (performed by Tiffany Giardina)   2:57

Here I Am

"Here I Am (Keira Version)"
Promotional single by Tiffany Giardina
from the album Barbie: The Princess and The Popstar (Soundtrack)
Released August 28, 2012 (2012-08-28)
Genre Pop rock
Length 2:57
Label Mattel, Inc.
Songwriter(s) Amy Powers, Gabriel Mann and Rob Hudnut

"Here I Am (Keira Version)" is a song recorded by American singer Tiffany Giardina for the 2012 CGI animated movie Barbie: The Princess and The Popstar. It was released on iTunes on August 28, 2012 as a promotional single from the album. This is the second song that is featured in the film's credits.