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Batrachomoeus dubius
Eastern Frogfish, Batrachomoeus dubius.jpg
'Eastern Frogfish' Batrachomoeus dubius at North Solitary Island, New South Wales
Scientific classification
  • Lophius dubius White, 1790
  • Pseudobatrachus dubius (White, 1790)
  • Lophius nigricans Forster, 1794
  • Pseudobatrachus striatus Castelnau, 1875
  • Thalassophryne coeca De Vis, 1884
  • Pelophiletor caloundrae Ogilby, 1907
  • Batrachomoeus minor Ogilby, 1908

The eastern frogfish (Batrachomoeus dubius) is a bottom-dwelling fish endemic to coastal eastern Australia, from Fraser Island, Queensland to Kiama, New South Wales. It is an ambush predator with a large expandable stomach, capable of swallowing crustaceans, molluscs and other fishes whole.


The fish is found at depths of 1–150 m along the continental shelf but also estuaries and inshore reefs. Rarely seen in the open, they shelter on rocky reefs and among seaweed or under rocks and in underwater caves.


The eastern frogfish has a flattened head with a wide mouth surrounded by a distinct fleshy 'beard'. Its colour varies from mottled brown to pale grey or bluish-grey, with two broad bands and scattered splotches along the body. Juveniles are paler with broad bands. They reach a maximum length of 35 cm.

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