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Bob may mean:

  • A shortening of the name Robert
  • Bob (physics), the weight at the end of a pendulum
  • "Bob" (song), a song by "Weird Al" Yankovic from Poodle Hat
  • "Bob" (Red Hot Chili Peppers Song), a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers from the album One Hot Minute
  • J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, a figurehead of the satirical Church of the SubGenius
  • Bob cut, a hairstyle
  • Bob FM, a radio format in Canada and the U.S.
  • Hurricane Bob, a 1991 hurricane
  • Microsoft Bob, an unsuccessful software product
  • A shilling
  • Bob, a television comedy starring Bob Newhart
  • Bob of Alice and Bob, placeholder characters in cryptography and physics problems

In acronyms:

  • "B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)", a 2000 single by OutKast
  • Bank of Baroda, in India
  • Band of Brothers, an acclaimed television miniseries
  • Battle of Britain
  • Battle of the Bands, a competition between multiple bands
  • Bayerische Oberlandbahn, a private German railway
  • Beast of Burden
  • Bend over boyfriend
  • Berlin Operating Base, the CIA station in Berlin during the Cold War
  • Berner Oberland Bahn, a mountain railway in Switzerland
  • Best of Breed, an award in dog shows and other settings
  • Blitter object, a graphics construct
  • Bob-omb, a character in the Nintendo Mario video games
  • Breakout box, an electronics component
  • Bug-out bag, an emergency kit
  • Bora Bora Airport's IATA airport code
  • 4-bromo-2,5,beta-trimethoxy-phenethylamine, a drug
  • the ISO 4217 code for the Bolivian boliviano (currency)
  • Bank One Ballpark, or Chase Field
  • Basketball Owl Band at Rice University
  • Body Opponent Bag, a punching bag shaped like a human head and torso
  • BOB (Born on Board), the humans in the Marathon Trilogy

In fictional characters:

  • Bob (Twin Peaks), a villain on the television show Twin Peaks
  • Bob (Blackadder character), the name of two characters in the television comedy Blackadder
  • Bob (The Dresden Files), a character featured in the novels and TV show The Dresden Files
  • Bob (First Comics), a "watchlizard" from the First Comics series GrimJack
  • Bob the Builder
  • Bob the Killer Goldfish, a character in the Earthworm Jim universe.
  • Silent Bob, a character in Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse
  • Almighty Bob, a fictional deity in Mostly Harmless by Doulgas Adams
  • Bob, one of the human characters on Sesame Street
  • Bob, one of the main characters in ReBoot
  • Bob, the Jagex cat in RuneScape
  • Evil Bob, a random event in RuneScape
  • Bob, a character in Bubble Bobble
  • Bob, a character in Weebl and Bob
  • Bob, a principal character in What About Bob?
  • Bob, one of the two eponymous main characters of the sprite comic Bob and George
  • Smilin' Bob, a character in commercials for Enzyte
  • Bob Vorsh, a villain in the webcomic Jack (webcomic)


Famous people with the given name Bob

  • Bob Backlund, American Pro Wrestler.
  • Bob Barker, an American TV game show host
  • Bob Bryan, a professional American tennis player.
  • Bob Bryar, the current drummer for My Chemical Romance
  • Bob Burnquist, professional skateboarder
  • Bob Carolgees, British comedian and puppeteer
  • Bob Carr, Australian politician and Premier of New South Wales
  • Bob dela Cruz, a Filipino contestant in Pinoy Big Brother, Season 1
  • Bob Clotworthy, American diver
  • Bob Dole, American politician
  • Bob Dylan, American singer-songwriter
  • Bob Geldof, former lead singer of the Boomtown Rats, organiser of Live Aid concerts
  • Bob Hope, an American comedian
  • Bob Hoskins, British actor
  • Bob Marley, a Jamaican musician
  • Bob McGrath, American actor
  • Bob Monkhouse, British stand-up comedian and television presenter
  • Bob Newhart, an American actor
  • Bob Ross, American painter
  • Bob Saget, an American comedian
  • Bob Sinclar, a French DJ
  • Bob Stupak, an American entrepreneur, gambler and politician
  • Bob Weir, former rhythm guitarist of the Grateful Dead
  • Bob Woodward, an American journalist

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