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Титомир Богдан
Bogdan Titomir, 2011
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Bogdan Titomir
Born 16.03.1967
Genres rap, pop

Bogdan Titomir (born March 16, 1967 in Odessa, Ukrainian SSR) is a Ukrainian and Russian musician, rapper and DJ, who began his career in a popular 1990s duo Car-Man. Although Titomir's style derives from western stars such as MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, as well as C&C Music Factory, he has established his own distinct style as a pop and rap performer as well as a DJ.


Bogdan Titomir was born March 16, 1967 in Odessa. His parents were engineers. His mother's maiden name was Titorenko. In childhood, he learned to play guitar and piano. After school he served in the army, where he participated in amateur performances. After that he began working with other musicians (Laskoviy Mai, Dmitriy Malikov, Vladimir Maltsev).

In 1989, together with Sergey Lemokh he formed the duo Car-Man. At 1991 he left the group and started solo career. Since 2011 he works at the Peretz TV.


  • 1992 — Высокая энергия (Vysokaya Energiya/High Energy)
  • 1993 — Высокая энергия 2
  • 1995 — X-Love (Самая большая любовь XXL)
  • 2003 — Проект БТР (БТР Project)
  • 2004 — Indikator: CD1 — Xclusive, CD2 — Energie, CD3 — Minimal
  • 2005 — Hidroplan: CD1 — Crystal, CD2 — Bubble Gum, CD3 — Orange Bud
  • 2006 — Свобода (Svoboda/Freedom)
  • 2010 — Нежный; Грубый (Tender; Rude)
  • 2011 — Очень важный перец (Very Important Pepper)
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