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The Bow River pathway is a pathway system developed along the banks of the Bow River in the city of Calgary. It contains a network of pedestrian and bicycle paths connecting parks on both sides of the river.

Calgary street map
The Bow River pathway follows the Bow River from west to east, then north to south
Edworthy Park Bridge
The pathway crosses the Bow River in Edworthy Park on the Harry Boothman Bridge
Bow River Calgary 2
The pathway is integrated with Crowchild Trail bridge
Calgary LRT three-car train crossing Bow River northbound (2013)
Two-level bridge across the Bow River near Downtown West End, with C-Train light rail on the upper level and pathway on the lower level.
C-Train bridge-lower deck
Crossing the river beneath the C-Train bridge
Pedestrian bridge to Prince's Island Park

The pathway is used for cycling, hiking, jogging, as well as rollerblading and skateboarding. The paths are connected with a system that extends along the Elbow River and other areas of the city.

The network spans 48 kilometres (30 mi) from Bearspaw Dam to Fish Creek Provincial Park, connecting major parks and green areas in Calgary.

Construction of the Bow River Pathways started in 1975 to mark the city's centenary. The project was funded by the City of Calgary, the Province of Alberta and the Devonian Group of Charitable Foundations. It was dedicated on June 25, 1977.

Recreation areas

Recreation areas connected by the pathway include:

Recreation area Type Location Remarks
Valley Ridge Golf Course Golf Course Right bank
51°06′02″N 114°14′11″W / 51.10067°N 114.23650°W / 51.10067; -114.23650 (Valley Ridge Golf Course)
Bowness Park City park right bank
51°05′53″N 114°13′12″W / 51.09810°N 114.22005°W / 51.09810; -114.22005 (Bownsess Park)
Baker Park City park left bank
51°06′03″N 114°13′16″W / 51.10080°N 114.22101°W / 51.10080; -114.22101 (Baker Park)
Bowmont Natural Area Natural area left bank
51°05′33″N 114°10′52″W / 51.092430°N 114.181093°W / 51.092430; -114.181093 (Bowmont Natural Area)
Shouldice Park City park left bank
51°04′21″N 114°10′21″W / 51.07259°N 114.17254°W / 51.07259; -114.17254 (Shouldice Park)
Edworthy Park City park right bank
51°03′44″N 114°09′30″W / 51.06236°N 114.15829°W / 51.06236; -114.15829 (Edworthy Park)
Shaganappi Point Golf Course Golf Course right bank
51°02′44″N 114°07′36″W / 51.04546°N 114.12670°W / 51.04546; -114.12670 (Shaganappi Point Golf Course)
Broadview Park City park left bank
51°02′59″N 114°06′25″W / 51.04985°N 114.10706°W / 51.04985; -114.10706 (Broadview Park)
Shaw Millennium Park Skatepark right bank
51°02′46″N 114°05′32″W / 51.04601°N 114.09211°W / 51.04601; -114.09211 (Millennium Park)
Eau Claire Park City park right bank
51°03′08″N 114°04′50″W / 51.05209°N 114.08045°W / 51.05209; -114.08045 (Eau Claire Park)
Prince's Island Park City park on Prince's Island
51°03′21″N 114°04′13″W / 51.05573°N 114.07017°W / 51.05573; -114.07017 (Prince's Island Park)
Sunnyside Park City park left bank
51°03′30″N 114°04′03″W / 51.05823°N 114.06748°W / 51.05823; -114.06748 (Sunnyside Park)
in south-east Sunnyside
Sien Lok Park City park right bank
51°03′12″N 114°03′55″W / 51.05328°N 114.06518°W / 51.05328; -114.06518 (Sien Lok Park)
part of Chinatown
Bow River Park City park left bank
51°03′15″N 114°03′41″W / 51.05420°N 114.06152°W / 51.05420; -114.06152 (Bow River Park)
Fort Calgary Historic park, museum right bank
51°02′43″N 114°02′44″W / 51.04536°N 114.04553°W / 51.04536; -114.04553 (Fort Calgary)
part of East Village, connects with Elbow River pathway
Calgary Zoo Zoo on St George's Island
51°02′43″N 114°02′03″W / 51.04540°N 114.03409°W / 51.04540; -114.03409 (Calgary Zoo)
Zoo extends on left bank
Pearce Estate Wetland City park, nature reserve right bank
51°02′28″N 114°00′51″W / 51.04121°N 114.01413°W / 51.04121; -114.01413 (Pearce Estate Wetland)
Inglewood Golf and Country Club Golf Course left bank
51°02′01″N 114°00′13″W / 51.03360°N 114.00369°W / 51.03360; -114.00369 (Inglewood Golf and Country Club)
Inglewood Bird Sanctuary Nature reserve right bank
51°01′41″N 114°00′24″W / 51.02807°N 114.00668°W / 51.02807; -114.00668 (Inglewood Bird Sanctuary)
Access to Bow Habitat Station, Inglewood Wildlands Park, and the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery
Old Refinery Park City park left bank
51°00′20″N 114°01′02″W / 51.00568°N 114.01712°W / 51.00568; -114.01712 (Old Refinery Park)
Southland Park City park left bank
50°58′30″N 114°02′00″W / 50.97493°N 114.03332°W / 50.97493; -114.03332 (Southland Park)
Carburn Park City park left bank
50°58′28″N 114°01′58″W / 50.974538°N 114.032740°W / 50.974538; -114.032740 (Carburn Park)
Douglasbank Park City park left bank
50°56′30″N 114°00′36″W / 50.94173°N 114.01006°W / 50.94173; -114.01006 (Douglasbank Park)
Fish Creek Provincial Park Provincial park right bank
50°54′33″N 114°00′45″W / 50.90909°N 114.01252°W / 50.90909; -114.01252 (Fish Creek Provincial Park)
McKenzie Meadows Golf Club Golf course left bank
50°54′22″N 114°00′17″W / 50.90614°N 114.00469°W / 50.90614; -114.00469 (McKenzie Meadows Golf Club)
Sikome Lake Man-made lake right bank
50°53′52″N 114°00′57″W / 50.89784°N 114.01574°W / 50.89784; -114.01574 (Sikome Lake)
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