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First appearance Animal Farm
Last appearance Animal Farm (Only Appearance)
Created by George Orwell
Voiced by Maurice Denham (1954 film)
Paul Scofield (1999 film)
Species Horse
Gender Male
Occupation Laborer at Animal Farm

Boxer is a character from the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. He is a horse, and is nearly eighteen hands high. In the book he is as strong as two horses put together. He has a white stripe down his nose, and that gives him a strange appearance. But still he was respected for his great power in work and his good character. He works as a cart-horse, as does Clover. Benjamin likes him in secret.

In the book Boxer falls into the quarry when he was pulling a cart full of rock and is sent to a veterinarian on another farm by Napoleon. Squealer, Napoleon's spokesman, then claims he died peacefully, but Benjamin realises he has actually gone to the knacker's (slang for slaughterhouse, where animals are killed). Boxer was the most hard-working animal in the farm and was respected by all. When Boxer tried to support Snowball against Squealer, Napoleon tries to attack Boxer with his dogs but Boxer easily crushes the dog. Boxer is an ideal character showing loyalty along with his great hard work.

His slogans are:

  • "I will always work harder."
  • "Napoleon's always right."

He is a very loyal, caring character, but kind of thick and does not see the real truth behind situations.

  • Boxer represents the loyal communist working class.
  • Him being slaughtered represents Stalin getting rid of the workers that are too old or too ill to participate in labour.
  • The windmill represents them building the Industries and Boxer getting up early represents the working class working extremely hard.
  • His gullibility represents the working class being gullible and doing what there told for promises in the future.
  • His slogan “I will work harder” represents the working class's belief in Communism. “Napoleon is always right” represents their trust in the political system.
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