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The List of Manitou Springs Historic District includes 80 buildings and resources in the historic district of Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Name or title Image Type Street Street number Comment
Red Crags High-style El Paso Boulevard 302 Dr. William Abraham Bell ran Red Crags Sanatorium as a tuberculosis hospital. The building was constructed in 1889. Currently it is a bed and breakfast.
Craftwood Inn High-style El Paso Boulevard 404 Craftwood was first a coppersmith's workshop and later a restaurant, "attracting dignitaries and celebrities."
Rockledge and Onaledge High-style El Paso Boulevard 328 Rockledge, built in 1913, was the home of Edward Harrison Heath, a farm journal publisher. It is now a bed and breakfast, as is Onaledge, which was a Craftwood Association residence.
Nolan House High-style Grand Avenue 2 The home was built in 1890 for John Nolan who owned several saloons and a Cripple Creek gambling hall.
Redstone Castle High-style Iron Mountain Off of Pawnee, stands by itself at a high elevation, also called Crawford House.
Miramont Castle Miramont (Manitou Springs, Colorado).JPG High-style Capitol Hill 9 The Queene Anne style buildings, with other European castle influences, was built for Father Francolon by the Gillis Brothers in 1895. It is now a museum.
Public Library Manitou Springs Public Library 6.JPG Institutional Manitou Avenue 701 The library was built in 1911 with funding from the Andrew Carnegie Foundation and is the first permanent library in the city.
Hydro-Electric Plant Institutional Ruxton 540 The 1905 building has a "modernistic and formal facade" of red brick. Its front is "dominated by two large arched windows with fanlights."
Crystal Valley Cemetery Crystal Valley Cemetery.JPG Institutional Plainview End The cemetery is located in southeastern Manitou Springs. At the entrance is a green sandstone building and stone walls. A notable structure is the Egyptian Revival mausoleum of the Richards family.
First Ute Path Institutional Shelf 1872 The 1872 Shelf Road was the first Ute Pass road that runs along Fountain Creek. A "remnant" of the road is located near U.S. Highway 24 and Serpentine Drive. It was built "to service suppliers to the mining camps beyond South Park."
Congregational Church First Congregational Church (Manitou Springs, Colorado).JPG Church Pawnee 101 Built in 1880, the church is the oldest continuous use Congregational Church in Colorado.
Our Lady of Perpetual
Help Catholic Church
Church Ruxton 218 "A Gothic and Shingle style small 'country' church - done in a simple, symmetrical style with a repeated front gable and entry motif. A greenstone rustic bridge leads across Ruxton Creek and a cobblestone

grotto and several walls surround the church."

St. Andrew's Episcopal
St Andy Manitou.JPG Church Manitou Avenue 808 A chapel was built in 1880 and was originally located on Canon Avenue. In 1885 it was moved across Canon Avenue. Then in 1905 the St. Andrew's Episcopal Church was built at Manitou and Canon Avenues.
Yount's Quarry Industrial Highway 24 Below Rainbow Falls, west of town. Green sandstone from the quarry was used in the construction of buildings, porches, walls and foundations in Manitou Springs.
Midland Railroad Colorado Midlland Railway Wild Flower excursion 1917.JPG Industrial Beginning 1887, Midland Railroad ran through Manitou Springs, crossed Ruxton Avenue near the Manitou Incline and then up Ute Pass. The railway contributed to the development of resorts along Ute Pass, but "never had great financial success." Investors included Jerome B. Wheeler, J. J. Hagerman, and Irving Howbert. Some reinforced embankments and tunnels remain, but the tracks have been removed.
Manitou Incline Manitou Incline.JPG Industrial Ruxton The incline was built in 1907 as a tourist attraction. Passengers reached the top of the incline via cable cars where they had access to a picnic area and refreshment facility. It was lighted at night during the summers.
Cog Railroad Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway 005.jpg Industrial Ruxton 515 The cog railway, built in 1891, continues to be a means of transportation up Pikes Peak. Memorial Park is home to one of the early engines.
Barker House Barker House Manitou.JPG Hotels and lodging Manitou Avenue 819 The original structure for the Barker House was built in 1872. In 1880 Charles Barker purchased the building and expanded it into a "large resort hotel". Barker House has not been a hotel for years and is a private, Residential Apartment building.
Grand View Hotel Hotels and lodging Osage 935 The hotel was built in the 1880s. It is a large frame building with wooden siding.
Cliff House Cliff House, Manitou Springs, CO.jpg Hotels and lodging Canon 306 The Cliff House was built in 1874, has a reputation as the "finest hotel" in Manitou Springs and has lodged "numerous" famous individuals.
Boarding Houses Hotels and lodging Winter Street 442, 444 The boarding houses are large square frame buildings.
El Colorado Lodge El Colorado Lodge 2, Manitou Springs.jpg Hotels and lodging Manitou Avenue 23 Built in 1926, it was "a benchmark of motor-travel camps of the West."
McLaughlin Family Lodge Hotels and lodging Crystal Park 183 Log or slab siding cabins surround a central lodge.
Wheeler Bank Wheeler Bank 717-719 Manitou Avenue.JPG Commercial Manitou Avenue 717-719 Built in 1888, it was Manitou Springs first bank. Its building was used as an opera house and a dry goods store.
Leddy Block Commercial Manitou Avenue 734 The masonry building was built by the Gillis Brothers in 1891.
Manitou Spa The Spa, Manitou Springs.JPG Commercial Manitou Avenue 934 It is a historic building located along Fountain Creek in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Once used as a mineral water bathhouse or spa, the building now used for stores and other businesses. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Iron Geyser and Pavilion Special features Ruxton Avenue J. C. Hiestand drilled the geyser in 1910 that used to erupt every 30 minutes. Now, spring water is available from a fountain.
Cheyenne Spring House Cheyenne Spring House 3.JPG Special features Manitou Avenue 934 Around the turn of the 20th century, the spring was enclosed in the red sandstone spring house.
Public Stairway Special features Capitol Hill At Capitol Hill and Iron Road
Wheeler Clock Wheeler Clock 3.JPG Special features Manitou Avenue 802 To commemorate the opening of the Manitou Mineral Water Company, Jerome B. Wheeler, had the Wheeler Clock built in 1890. The goddess Hebe represents the purported youth-giving properties of Manitou Springs water, which used to flow from the sculpture.
Rainbow Falls Rainbow Falls, Ute Pass, Colorado (Boston Public Library).jpg Special features Serpentine Drive Near Fountain Creek, near U.S. Highway 24 and Serpentine Drive. In 1872 the old wagon road through Ute Pass started at Rainbow Falls, or Ute Pass Falls. In 1932 a new road was built that better accommodated automotive vehicles. The falls are now partially obscured by U.S. Highway 24. It is located in the Fountain Creek watershed drainage area, following Ute Pass (U.S. Highway 24) eastward from Woodland Park.
Manitou Place stairway Manitou Place stairway.JPG Stonework Manitou Avenue 900 block Stairway from the 900 block of Manitou Avenue to Manitou Place, roughly in the location of the Grand View Hotel.
Residential stonework Stonework Washington 131 Walls, stairway, porch piers, foundation and garage
Bridge over Fountain Creek Bridge over Fountain Creek.JPG Stonework Manitou Avenue 502 Bridge over Fountain Creek at the eastern edge of Memorial Park at Old Man's Trail. Prior to the construction of the stone "Bridge over Fountain Creek" over Old Man's Trail, there was a bridge constructed to deliver visitors to the Manitou House Hotel. The hotel, the first in Manitou Springs, was built by William Jackson Palmer and William Abraham Bell, who had founded the resort town. (Note that another bridge near Manitou Springs bringing Business Route 24 over Fountain Creek is separately listed on the National Register.)
House High-style Spencer 201
House High-style Canon 408
House High-style Capitol Hill 153
House High-style Grand Avenue 32
House High-style Grand Avenue 26
House Victorian Unknown 106 Turret and shingles
House Victorian Duclo 719 Turret and shingles
House Victorian Deer Path 112 Center gable
House Victorian Duclo 809 Center gable
House Victorian Cave 125 Chalet
House Victorian Mohawk 102 Chalet
House Victorian Cave 103 Five dormer gables
House Victorian Deer Path 114 One story with wrap-around porch
House Victorian Osage 945 L-shaped with horizontal wing and porch.
House Victorian Duclo 813
House Victorian Prospect 959
House Victorian Osage 923
House Victorian Navajo 106
House Victorian Grand Avenue 42
House Victorian Grand Avenue 41
House 151 Ruxton Avenue Manitou.JPG Victorian Ruxton 151
House Victorian Ruxton 15
House Victorian Midland 809
House Victorian Duclo 803
House Victorian Ruxton 106
House Victorian Waltham 106
House Victorian Ruxton 349
House Cottage Capitol Hill 110
House Cottage Cave 121
House Cottage Cave 109
House Cottage Ruxton 622
House Cottage Oklahoma 319
House Cottage Elk Path 9
House Cottage Washington 301
House Cabin Duncan 107
House Cabin Modoc 114
House Cabin Fairmont 42
House Cabin Crystal Park Road 102
House Cabin Chelton Road 191
House Bungalow Iron Road 204
House Bungalow Washington 15
House Bungalow Lincoln 48
House Bungalow Duclo 731
House Bungalow Prospect 911
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