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British Rail Metro-Cammell
In service 1955–1981
Manufacturer Metropolitan Cammell
Number built 36 sets (72 cars)
Formation 2 car sets: DMBS-DTSL or DMBS-DTCL
Capacity DMBS: 57 or 53 second class seats
DTSL: 72 second class
DTCL: 12 first and 53 second class
Operator British Rail
Car length 57 ft 0 in (17.37 m)
Width 9 ft 3 in (2.82 m)
Weight DMBS: 31 long tons 10 cwt (70,500 lb or 32.0 t*)
DTSL: 25 long tons 0 cwt (56,000 lb or 25.4 t*)
Engine(s) Two BUT (AEC) 6-cylinder diesels of 150 hp (112 kW) each
Transmission Mechanical: 4-speed epicyclic gearbox
Braking system(s) Vacuum
Gauge 4 ft 8+12 in (1,435 mm)

In 1955, Metropolitan Cammell produced its first lightweight Diesel multiple units, the prototypes of what were to become British Rail's most successful and longest-lived First Generation DMU type, the Class 101.

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