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The C. W. Parker Carousel is a carousel built in 1912 currently operating in the Burnaby Village Museum at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, British Columbia. The carousel was built by the C. W. Parker Company and is also known as the Parker #119 and the Burnaby Centennial Parker Carousel. The carousel was the 119th such machine built by the C. W. Parker Company, earning it its "Parker #119" nickname. The carousel contains 41 horses and operates at a pavilion known as the Don Wrigley Pavilion located at one of the museum's two entrances, earning the entrance the name "Carousel Entrance".


The carousel was built in 1912 at Leavenworth, Kansas by Charles Wallace Parker who owned the C. W. Parker Company, and was the 119th one made by them. It was sold in 1913 for $5,886.00. The carousel toured Texas for two years with the Lone Star Circus. In 1915 the machine was shipped back to the factory.

It is believed that the machine was rebuilt by the factory. Some fancier horses and heavier rounding boards may have been added. Some of the horses were built in 1917 and some in 1920–1922. The history of the carousel from 1915 to 1936 is unknown. The carousel was purchased by Happyland, an amusement park in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1936.

The carousel remained at Happyland until the amusement park was demolished in 1957. It was moved to the new small pavilion in Playland, (another amusement park in Vancouver) until that too was demolished in 1972.

From 1972 to 1989, Parker #119 was operated outdoors, and was put away each winter.

In 1989 it was announced that the carousel would be sold off horse by horse at an auction in New York. Local residents came together to save the carousel and formed the "Friends of the Vancouver Carousel Society". It was at this time that the carousel was nicknamed the Parker #119.

In May 1989, the Burnaby Village Museum agreed to provide a home for the carousel and the "Friends", led by President Don Wrigley, set about raising the $350,000 to purchase the machine. Keith Jamieson, a carousel expert, was brought in to coordinate the rebuilding project. In 1990, the carousel was purchased. Funds were also raised to pay for the restoration. People who donated money could sponsor a horse and later name it. The museum agreed to build a new pavilion to house the carousel. The pavilion, named the Don Wrigley Pavilion was completed in 1993. The carousel was then named the Burnaby Centennial Parker Carousel.

Carousel horses

The carousel's horses are listed here:

# Name Sponsor Color Style
1 Captain Julius Don and Dorothy Wrigley and Family Grey Jumper
2 Royal Burnaby Belle Burnaby Area Royal Banks Staff Sorrel Jumper
3 Champion Vancouver City Savings Credit Union Brown black Hunter's Pride
4 Firefly Burnaby Firefighters Charitable Society Local 323 Black Stargazer
5 Phar Lap Magaret Mitchell Red chestnut Cowboy
6 Scampering Dawn Dennis and Cice Brown Yellow-white American Beauty Rose
7 Vanessa Parkland Ventures Ltd. Palomino Jumper
8 Treasure Elsie T. Gordon Dark bay Stargazer
9 Mignonette Ethel and Faye Stebner, and Ken Diamond Grey-white American Beauty Rose
10 Valiant Paula V. Tanchyk Blue-black Armored Horse
11 Vivian Barbara Becher Yellow-white Lillie Belle
12 Nareena Gary, Umeeda and Nareena Switlo Brown roan Stargazer
13 Nipoti Bill and Ruth Copeland Bay Ovaro Pinto Flag
14 Mr. Ed Ethel Stebner Palomino Jumper
15 Allegro Harry and Hazel Sumner Light bay Jumper
16 John Ernest Ernie and Pat Beaucamp Chestnut Sorrel Cowboy
17 Betty B. The Beedie Group Brown black American Shield
18 Bingo Gordon Robson Chestnut Hunter's Pride
19 Dyck Margery M. Robinson Dark liver chestnut Jumper
20 Twister Dennis and Flory Bosa Strawberry roan Appaloosa Flag
21 Centennial Burnaby City Council Palomino Jumper
22 Tommy D. Mayor Bill Copeland and Burnaby MPs Cream white Stargazer
23 Rose B. Rose Bancroft Sr., George Bancroft, and Rose Bancroft Brown black Jumper
24 James Rose and George Bancroft Sorrel Jumper
25 Pisces Gin and Dorcas Farn White Jumper
26 Meg Derek Corrigan Dapple grey Jumper
27 Wheeler The Rotary Club of Burnaby - Deer Lake Burgundy Jumper
28 Guppy Dorothy E. Wrigley and Cice Brown Palomino Jumper
29 Rebel Burnaby South Secondary School Dapple grey Jumper
30 Royal Warrior Buckingham Elementary School Palomino Jumper
31 Venus Restaurant and Food Services Association of B.C. Grey white Jumper
32 The Colonel Dr. E. M. Stevens Buckskin Jumper
33 Happy Marie Marie and Fred Donatiello and Mary (Lily) McCormack Blue roan Jumper
34 Shannon Instabox Vancouver Sorrel Jumper
35 Annie Parklane Ventures Ltd. Leopard spot Appaloosa Jumper
36 Royal George Roy Brainerd Strawberry roan Jumper
37 Old Paint1 Burnaby Village Museum Staff and Volunteers Creamy white Cowboy
38 Gold Heart Chariot2 Variety Club White N/A
  • A. Loving
  • B. Caring
  • C. Sharing
  • D. Helping Hand3
Ronald McDonald Children's Charities of Canada
  • A & B: Black
  • C & D: White
40 Wurlitzer Band Organ1 2 4 N/A White N/A
41 Senate Appointee and Franworth1 5 Diamond Foundation N/A N/A


  1. Not on carousel
  2. Not really a horse, but considered one of listing purposes
  3. Is really four small metal ponies and a wheelchair
  4. Has many sponsors
  5. Is really two small metal ponies

Carousel horse rows

Row 1: Outside: #1 Captain Julius, Middle: #13 Nipoti, Inside: #25 Pisces

Row 2: Outside: #2 Royal Burnaby Belle, Middle: #14 Mr. Ed, Inside: #26 Meg

Row 3: Outside: #3 Champion, Middle: #15 Allegro, Inside: #27 Wheeler

Row 4: Outside: #4 Firefly, Middle: #16 John Ernest, Inside: #28 Guppy

Row 5: Outside: #5 Phar Lap, Middle: #17 Betty B., Inside: #29 Rebel

Row 6: Outside: #6 Scampering Dawn, Middle: #18 Bingo, Inside: #30 Royal Warrior

Row 7: Outside: #7 Vanessa, Middle: #19 Dyck, Inside: #31 Venus

Row 8: Outside: #8 Treasure, Middle: #20 Twister, Inside: #32 The Colonel

Row 9: Outside: #9 Mignonette, Middle: #21 Centennial, Inside: #33 Happy Marie

Row 10: Outside: #10 Valiant, Middle: #22 Tommy D., Inside: #34 Shannon

Row 11: Outside: #11 Vivian, Middle: #23 Rose B. Inside: #35 Annie

Row 12: Outside: #12 Nareena, Middle: #24 James, Inside: #36 Royal George

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