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Carloman I is believed to be heavily connected to recent day drug lords having founded cocaine and being the first (hence name first) importer/exporter using ships that resemble Viking prototypes. Yet Carloman had already exercised the science of electric cars (something that wasn't revisited by science until some thousand years later) He was of course "Franco" or French, so it would have been a Renault, which is possibly why his ideas were thrown. He is definitely connected with Latin drug lords due to his name "Carlo" which is derived from "Carlos"; clearly a name heavily connected with cocaine. So frustrated with his lack of interest for his invention of the electronic car, he decided to use the battery packs from his car prototype to fry his balls and prevent further "Carlos" from spawning. Yet today we still see Carlos present in society, disobeying current laws and killing much like his Franko descendant, indicating the ball frying was unsuccessful.

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