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Carmen de Posadas Mañé
Posadas in 2012
Posadas in 2012
Born August 13, 1953 (1953-08-13) (age 67)
Uruguay, Montevideo
Pen name Carmen Posadas
Occupation Writer
Nationality Uruguayan, Spanish

Carmen Posadas (born August 13, 1953 in Montevideo) is a prize-winning Uruguayan-Spanish author of books for children. She also writes for film and television. She is a recipient of the Premio Planeta de Novela.


She was born in Montevideo in 1953 as the daughter of an Uruguayan diplomat. She has lived in Madrid since 1965. Besides Madrid, she has also lived in many capital cities including Moscow, Buenos Aires, and London where her father was ambassador.

She went to Oxford University but left before graduating when she married Rafael de Cueto. They had two children, Sofía (1975) and Jimena (1978). She later divorced de Cueto and married Mariano Rubio. In 1985, she was granted Spanish nationality. In 1988, she became a host on Spanish public television RTVE.

She began her literary career in 1980 writing books for children. In 1984, she won the Premio Nacional de Literatura (Spanish prize of literature). In 1996 she published her first novel, Cinco Moscas Azules (Five Blue Flies) which was one of the most original and successful books of the year. Her second novel, Pequeñas infamias (Little Indiscretions), won the coveted Planeta Prize in 1998. Since then, she has sold more a million copies in more than fifty countries and she has been translated in 23 languages. More recent successful books are "Childs Play" and "The Red Ribbon".

Her brother, Gervasio Posadas, is also a prize-winning novelist.

  • Little Indiscretions. Random House 8/2003, translated by Christopher Andrews,
  • Child's Play. Alma Books 8/2008,

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  • Ministry of Culture Award for best children's book published in 1984.
  • Planeta Award in 1998.
  • Apelles Mestres Award for Children's Literature, 2004.
  • Sent Sovi Gastronomy Award of Literature 2007.
  • Journalism Camilo José Cela Award in 2011.
  • Culture Award Madrid, 2008.
  • ABC Cultural & Ámbito Cultural Award 2011, from its directors Fernando Rodríguez Lafuente and Ramón Pernas.
  • Cartagena Historical Novel Award in 2011.
  • Glauka Award 2014.
  • Brazier Award, Goncourt Gastronomic French Novel 2014.
  • Carmen Posadas is a director of the European University of Madrid which has created the Carmen Posadas Chair.

She became an honorary professor of the University of Peru in 2010.

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