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Christie Fuller (died August 15 1933) was a contralto singer from Australia. She was alive during the Victorian era.


Christie Fuller was born Louisa Christie Fuller. She was the middle daughter of three girls. Her father's name was John Hobson Fuller. Her sisters were Amy Fuller and Florence Fuller. She moved to England to go to school in 1886. She returned to Australia in 1887. She moved to Melbourne. In August, 1890, she married a man named Charles Carty Lance. They were married in Melbourne. After they married they moved to Sydney. They had one child, a daughter named Silvia. She married and changed her name to Sylvia Lance Harper. She became a famous tennis player. Fuller died in the town of Strathfield in August 1933.

Singing career

After moving to Melbourne in 1887, Fuller started singing for a living. Sometimes she performed by herself. Sometimes she performed with other people, including her sister Amy Fuller. They sang together in Sydney in 1898 and in Perth in 1910. Fuller traveled the world singing. She went to London and South Africa. She also toured across Australia.

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