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Chungjeong of Goryeo
高麗 忠定
고려 충정
Wang Jeo (왕저)
Internal Prince Gyeongchang
(경창부원군, 慶昌府院君)
King of Goryeo
Reign 1349–1351
Coronation 1349
Predecessor Chungmok of Goryeo
Successor Gongmin of Goryeo
Prince Shen(Sim) of Yang
Reign 1348–1351
Coronation 1348
Predecessor Wang Heun
Successor Wang Toghtuabukha
Born Wang Jeo
(1338-01-09)January 9, 1338
Died March 23, 1352 (1352-03-24) (aged 14)
Burial Chongneung Tomb
Issue Wang Je
Posthumous name
King Chungjeong the Great
House House of Wang
Father Chunghye of Goryeo
Mother Royal Consort Hui
Religion Buddhism
Chungjeong of Goryeo
Hangul 충정왕
Hanja 忠定王
Revised Romanization Chungjeong wang
McCune–Reischauer Ch'ungjeong wang
Birth name
Hangul 왕저
Hanja 王㫝
Revised Romanization Wang Jeo
McCune–Reischauer Wang Chŏ

Chungjeong of Goryeo (9 January 1338 – 23 March 1352, r. 1348–1351), born Wang Jeo (왕저, 王㫝), was the 30th ruler of the Goryeo dynasty of Korea and was enthroned by imperial edict at the age of 12. He was sometimes known by his Mongolian name, Chosgen Dorji, which was rendered in hanja as Misagamtaaji (미사감타아지, 迷思監朶兒只).


During King Chungjeong's brief reign, the politics of the court were controlled by powerful relatives of the royal family, including his mother's relative Yun Si-u and the retainer Bae Jeon. In addition, the country endured heavy Wokou raids beginning in 1349.

King Chungjeong's uncle Wang Gi secured imperial favor and married a Yuan daughter, Princess Noguk. Shortly thereafter King Chungjeong was deposed, and Wang Gi ascended the throne as King Gongmin.

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