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Core generally is the heart or inner part of a thing, as of a column, wall, rope, of a boil, etc.; especially, the central part of fruit, containing the kernels or seeds; as, the core of an apple or quince.

Core could mean:

In media:

  • Core (album), an album by Stone Temple Pilots
  • Core (Persefone album)
  • Core (radio station), a digital radio station in the United Kingdom
  • The Core, a 2003 science fiction film
  • Core Design, a videogame developer best known for the Tomb Raider series
  • C.O.R.E., a computer animation studio

In science and academics:

  • Core (group), in mathematics, an object in group theory
  • Core (functional analysis), in mathematics, a subset of the domain of a closable operator
  • core (graph theory), in mathematics, the homomorphically minimal subgraph of a graph
  • core of a triangulated category in mathematics.
  • Core (economics), the collection of stable allocations that no coalition can improve upon
  • Planetary core, in planetary science, the center of a planet
  • Solar core, the region of the Sun where nuclear fusion takes place
  • Lithic core, in archaeology, a stone artifact left over from toolmaking
  • Core curriculum, in education, an essential part of the curriculum
  • Core sample, in Earth science, a sample obtained by coring
  • Core countries, in dependency theory, an industrialized country on which peripheral countries depend
  • Core (anatomy), in anatomy is everything except the appendages.

In computers and technology:

  • Semiconductor intellectual property core, part of a CPU design
  • Multi-core (computing), a type of microprocessor design in which multiple processors coexist on the same chip
  • Intel Core, in processors, a brand of computer processor
  • Magnetic core memory, in computing, the primary memory
  • Core dump, in computing, a record of the core memory
  • Nuclear reactor core, a portion containing the fuel components
  • Magnetic core, in electricity and electronics, ferromagnetic material around which wires are wound
  • the signal-carrying portion of an optical fiber


  • Central Organization For Railway Electrification, an organization in India
  • Congress of Racial Equality, United States civil rights organization
  • Coordinated Online Register of Electors, central database in the United Kingdom
  • Challenge of Reverse Engineering, a warez group
  • Comment on Reproductive Ethics, a Christian pressure group in the United Kingdom

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