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The Corrotoman River is a small river on the northern banks of the Rappahannock River in Virginia, United States. The Corrotoman River is about 8 miles from the mouth of the Rappahannock River, which drains into the Chesapeake Bay. The Corrotoman River cuts into the Northern Neck; a region of land between the Potomac River and the Rappahannock River. The Corrotoman River has a shape resembling a "Y".


Main Body

The mouth of the Corrotoman River is between Towles Point and Orchard Point. As you go into the river, Whitehouse Creek, as well as Ewells Prong and Millenbeck Prong, are on the western side of the river. Farther North and inward, Corrotoman Point sits on the eastern shore of the river, and Ball Point is located on the western shore of the river. The river narrows significantly at this point.

On the western side of the river, after Ball Point, Yankee point marks the beginning of Myers Creek. Myers Creek is home to the only marina on the river, the Yankee Point Marina. North of Yankee Point is Bar Point, which is where the Western Branch starts.

On the eastern side of the river, after Corrotoman Point, is Taylor Creek and Moran Creek. North of those is Moran Wharf, which marks the start of the Eastern Branch.

Western Branch

The Western Branch Starts between Bar Point and West Point. The branch points northwest. There is the Merry Point cable ferry near the start of the branch that runs between Ottoman Wharf and Merry Point. In order they are encountered going up the branch, the creeks are: John Creek, Lowrey Creek, Senior Creek, and Davis Creek. From there, the branch forks into two, the eastern fork ending at Belwood Swamp, approximately one mile west of Lancaster Courthouse, and the western fork, Little Branch, ends at Griffins Landing.

Eastern Branch

The Eastern Branch starts between West Point and Moran Wharf, and points in a northeast direction. In order that they are encountered going up the branch, the creeks/coves are: Hills Creek, Bells Creek, Punches Cove, Browns Creek, Quarter Cove, and Muller Cove. From there, the branch splits off into Camps Prong and Norris Prong, which lead to Camps Millpond and Norris Pond respectively.

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