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Cremino Feletti nocciola.jpg
Cremino with hazelnut filling (Feletti)
Type Chocolate
Place of origin Italy
Region or state Piedmont
Created by Ferdinando Baratti
Main ingredients Gianduja with hazelnut or almond filling

The Cremino is a chocolate originally from Piedmont, in northern Italy, composed by three layers, the outer layers are made with gianduja chocolate, while the inner one can be made with coffee, lemon or hazelnut paste.
Its typical shape is a cube and it's wrapped with aluminium paper, with a band which indicates the flavour.

This chocolate was created in the first half of the 19th century by Ferdinando Baratti, who owned with his associate Edoardo Milano a laboratory in Turin (called "Baratti & Milano"), where they produced liquors and sweets. However, the first official papers about the cremino are from 1934.

The Italian car manufacturer FIAT is linked to this chocolate because in 1911 they launched a contest for Italian chocolate makers to create a new chocolate, for publicising their new model Tipo 4. The contest was won by Majani from Bologna, the first Italian chocolate maker, born in 1796, who created a new cremino with 4 layers, instead of 3: dark ones with gianduja, while the other two with almond paste.

Nowadays, the main Italian producers of cremino are: Caffarel, Feletti, Majani, Pernigotti and Venchi.

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