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Dendroconche scandens
Microsorum scandens 11.JPG
Scientific classification
  • Drynaria scandens (G.Forst.) Fée
  • Microsorum scandens (G.Forst.) Tindale
  • Phymatodes pustulatum Cheeseman (non G.Forst.)
  • Phymatodes scandens (G.Forst.) C. Presl
  • Phymatosorus scandens (G.Forst.) Pic.Serm.
  • Polypodium scandens G.Forst.

Dendroconche scandens, synonym Microsorum scandens, commonly called fragrant fern, is a species of fern within the family Polypodiaceae. This species is native to parts of New Zealand and Australia, as well as some offshore islands (Chatham Island, Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island). It has been introduced to South Africa and Zimbabwe. An example occurrence in New Zealand's North Island is in the Hamilton Ecological District where it is associated with a number of other ferns including Icarus filiforme and Lomaria discolor.

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