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The East End is an area of the independent city of Newport News, Virginia, located in the older portion of the port city near the harbor of Hampton Roads.


These statistics are derived from the 2010 United States Census, defining the "East End" as census tracts 301, 303, 304, 305, 306, and 308 in Newport News, Virginia. Please note that there is no exact definition of the boundaries of the "East End" and therefore, the following statistics should be considered approximate.

Ethnicity Claimed East End The rest of Newport News
White Population 5.8% 54.8%
Black Population 90.0% 34.1%
Asian Population 0.3% 3.1%
Multi-Ethnic 2.8% 4.5%
Latino Population 2.3% 8.2%
Age Distribution East End The rest of Newport News
Percent of population over 18 63.0% 77.4%
Percent of population over 65 10.4% 10.7%
Household Type East End The rest of Newport News
Non-Family 37.5% 36.3%
Married Couples with Children 6.5% 17.7%
Single Parents with Children 24.6% 12.6%
Poverty Level East End The rest of Newport News
Percent of population living in poverty 40.1% 14.9%


In 2014, the number of homicides in the area almost doubled compared to the previous year, 2013. A local resident stated that it seemed like every time they "picked up a newspaper or turned on the TV" someone had been shot and killed. Another resident stated that the violence was "getting worse". Police stated that they would try to create better community relations to reduce the violence. One woman was killed by a stray bullet while sleeping in her own home.

In spring of 2015, over a 30 days period, just one street experienced four shootings and eight casualties. The Newport News Police Department responded by increasing patrols in the area, describing the area's violence as "spiraling out of control".

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