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East Shreve Run
Other name(s) Tributary to Oil Creek
Country United States
State Pennsylvania
County Crawford
Township Bloomfield
Physical characteristics
Main source divide between East Shreve Run and South Branch French Creek
Union Township, Erie County
1,575 ft (480 m)
River mouth Lake Canadohta
Lake Canadohta
1,389 ft (423 m)
Length 3.42 mi (5.50 km)
  • Average rate:
    6.10 cu ft/s (0.173 m3/s) at mouth with Oil Creek
Basin features
Progression south
River system Allegheny River
Basin size 3.03 square miles (7.8 km2)
  • Left:
    unnamed tributaries
  • Right:
    unnamed tributaries
Bridges State Game Land Road, Mt Pleasant Road

East Shreve Run is a 3.42 mi (5.50 km) long tributary to Lake Canadohta (Oil Creek) in Crawford County, Pennsylvania. The watershed is about 43% forested and 50% agricultural. The rest is of other uses.


East Shreve Run rises on the South Branch French Creek divide in Union Township, Pennsylvania. East Shreve Run then flows south through the Erie Drift Plain to Oil Creek at Lake Canadohta, Pennsylvania.


East Shreve Run drains 3.03 square miles (7.8 km2) of area, receives about 46.4 in/year of precipitation, has a topographic wetness index of 483.63 and is about 45% forested.

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Course of East Shreve Run (Oil Creek tributary)
Course of East Shreve Run (Oil Creek tributary)
Watershed of East Shreve Run (Oil Creek tributary)
Watershed of East Shreve Run (Oil Creek tributary)
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