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Euchiton collinus
Euchiton collinus (Creeping Cudweed) (24905565171).jpg
Scientific classification
E. collinus
Binomial name
Euchiton collinus
(Labill.) Cass.
  • Gnaphalium collinum Labill.
  • Euchiton gymnocephalus (DC.) Holub
  • Gnaphalium gymnocephalum DC.
  • Gnaphalium oblancifolium Elmer
  • Gnaphalium simplex A.Rich. & Less.

Euchiton collinus (creeping cudweed) is a herb native to Australia and New Zealand. It has become naturalized in a few places in the United States (California, Oregon).

Euchiton collinus is a biennial or perennial herb up to 40 cm (15.5 in) tall, spreading by means of stolons and rhizomes. Leaves form a basal rosette surrounding the base of the stem and also individually farther up the stem. The plant produces a flower heads in a hemispheric cluster 1–2 cm (0.5–1 in) across. Each head has 40-60 pistillate flowers around the edge of the head plus 3-5 bisexual florets toward the center.

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