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Evermore Park
Location 382 South Evermore Lane, Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States
Theme Medieval / Fantasy
Opened September 20, 2018; 4 years ago (2018-09-20)
Operating season Year-round, with various breaks
Status Open Fridays and Saturdays

Evermore Park is an immersive experience theme park in Pleasant Grove, Utah. It opened its doors officially to the public on September 29, 2018. In contrast to most theme parks, Evermore Park does not feature any major rides (the only ride currently is The Evermore Express, a small train that travels around the park); instead, trained actors who portray fantasy characters are the main attraction. These characters invite guests (who are called "World Walkers") to interact with them: ask any question, discover their backstory, join one of Evermore's guilds, and help them with different tasks.

The park was created to fulfill the lifetime dream of its founder, Ken Bretschneider, who started the experience from his home. The park's former chief creative officer, Josh Shipley, has called Evermore a "living theatrical park." Due to its immersive nature and innovative approach to the traditional structure of a theme park, described by multiple news outlets as the "future of the theme park," it has been consistently compared to the fictional Westworld. Comparisons have also been made to renaissance fairs and Choose Your Own Adventure.


Evermore Park was created by Ken Bretschneider with the help of an expansive team of themed entertainment professionals. Bretschneider says that he has wanted to be like Walt Disney since he was five years old, and describes Evermore as more of a theatrical experience than a traditional theme park. The park had its soft opening in September 2018.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Evermore Park -- while in its off-season -- announced that it would be closed until further notice. This happened alongside widespread closures of other theme parks, attractions, and Utah businesses. However, it has since reopened. In January 2021, Evermore Park had to lay off dozens of employees and cancel their winter production due to the pandemic.

In February 2021, Evermore Park filed a lawsuit against singer Taylor Swift over the name of her 2020 album Evermore alleging trademark infringement.


One unique feature of Evermore as an amusement park is its total lack of traditional "rides". Most of the guest experience revolves around character interaction and an immersive setting. It is elaborately themed with detailed costuming, attempting to make guests lose themselves in the park and live action role-playing game for themselves. This breaks down barriers between actors and guests, so that all present theoretically become part of the story. Guests who come into the park are called "World Walkers", but guests are allowed to create a fully new character to play as or go as themselves; costumes are similarly allowed, as are everyday clothes.

Guests are prompted with quests by costumed characters, though all quests are optional. Many reviewers, and the park itself, recommend taking the quests offered to you but one can also wait around or actively seek out a quest that is more to their liking. One can also simply explore the park, wandering around, watching performances, and seeing what the park has to offer in terms of theming. The park's website also explains that guests have the ability to engage in such activities as archery, axe throwing, and a themed train experience.

The park is seasonal, and only open on weekends. The first seasonal experience is Lore, a Halloween-themed storyline during the fall. During the day, there is the Magical World of Lore, a family-friendly Halloween experience; at night, the park becomes the Cursed World of Lore, a haunted attraction. The second seasonal experience is Aurora, a winter world loosely inspired by the works of Charles Dickens. The final seasonal experience is Mythos, lasting from spring into summer, and following an "enchanted festival... celebrating the wondrous grace of dragons."

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