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Fading Echoes is the second book in the fourth Warriors series, Omen of the Stars. It includes another point of view in the story, which is Ivypaw, Dovepaw's sister.

This takes place around a fictional lake, with an island over by the south side of it, for gatherings.


Dovepaw's story

Dovepaw learns to hone her ability to sense farther than any cat around the lake, while her bond with Ivypaw dwindles in the middle of the story, due to Dovepaw not being allowed to share her secret with any cat except for Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and eventually Firestar. The reason for her being able to tell Firestar is this. She senses Sedgewhisker, one of the cats who had gone on the journey with, and her patrol get attacked by dogs. Sedgewhisker was the only cat hurt, so she and Ivypaw go to see her, but they get caught, resulting in them being escorted back to their camp. Firestar realizes that Dovepaw, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather are the Three in the prophecy that the series is centering around.

Tigerheart and Dovepaw try to make friends, but can not as their duties keep them apart, except for the Gathering. Even then, he does not reveal what he was doing on ThunderClan territory. He gets close, though.

Later, Dovepaw saves most of the Clan from injuries by sensing a tree when it is about to fall. The Clan evacuates, but Longtail gets killed and Briarpaw, later Briarlight, gets her spine broken.

The four stories join together soon after this point.

Jayfeather's story

Jayfeather reads Mothwing's mind (that's part of his power) and discovers that StarClan had made a good choice of RiverClan medicine cat after all, then is cornered by Lionblaze, who asks about the stick Jayfeather had broken. He tells the story of the stick, then they talk about the prophecy. Later, Dovepaw lets it slip (the prophecy), and then the Three and Firestar talk about the prophecy, and they then can work with him. After this conversation, Jayfeather discovers Tigerheart on ThunderClan territory, then starts to question him, trying to get answers.

He soon must care for Briarlight after a tree falls on her. He goes to see Littlecloud for help, and discovers that she has lost all feeling in her hind legs because the tree fell on her spine. Later, he tries to treat a perhaps deadly cough from her not being able to walk properly. Meanwhile, he discovers that some cats in the Clans are being trained by Dark Forest cats, meaning that the Three would soon have to fight the Dark Forest cats and their army.

At this point, the stories collide.

Lionblaze's story

Lionblaze trains his apprentice, Dovepaw, when she senses a WindClan patrol being attacked by dogs. The next day, Dovepaw makes a big blunder (mistake) and lets slip how she knew about the patrol being attacked. Firestar discovers then that they are the Three.

After the Tigerheart on ThunderClan territory incident, Lionblaze soon must help with the falling tree. He helps to rebuild the camp with the materials that are now available with the tree having fallen.

At this point, the stories combine.

Ivypaw's story

Ivypaw's story begins when she starts having dreams. She is unknowingly being trained to be in the Dark Forest's army, and she gets stronger and quicker. She has an argument with Dovepaw, and their bond starts to weaken. Much later, she has a "sign" that ShadowClan is going to take the territory up to Jayfeather's herbs, and then the stories all combine.

Combined story

Ivypaw, Dovepaw, and Lionblaze all join into the major fight that happens as a result of Ivypaw, and the tree climbing techniques come in handy for the battle. ThunderClan wins the fight, but each Clan loses a life. Firestar loses his semifinal (second to last) life. Russetfur dies.

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