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Feliks Zemdegs
Feliks Zemdegs at the Swisscubing Cup Final 2018 in Lucerne, Switzerland.
Zemdegs at the Swisscubing Cup Final 2018 in Lucerne, Switzerland.
Born 20 December 1995 (1995-12-20) (age 25)
Nationality Australian
Other names Faz
Known for Rubik's Cube speedsolver

Feliks Aleksanders Zemdegs ( Latvian: Fēlikss Zemdegs; born 20 December 1995) is an Australian Rubik's Cube speedsolver. He is the only speedcuber to ever win the World Cube Association World Championship twice.


Zemdegs has Latvian ancestry and his maternal grandmother is Lithuanian. Zemdegs bought his first speedcube in April 2008 after being inspired by speedcubing videos and tutorials on YouTube. The first unofficial time he recorded was an average of 19.73 seconds on 14 June 2008. He has been using CFOP to solve the 3×3×3 since he was 12 years old, the Yau method to solve the 4×4×4, the CLL method to solve the 2×2×2, and the Reduction method for 5×5×5 through 7×7×7.

Zemdegs won the 3×3×3 event at the first competition he attended, the New Zealand's Champs 2009 on 18 July 2009, with an average of 13.74 seconds in the final round. He also won 2×2×2, 4×4×4, 5×5×5, 3×3×3 blindfolded, and 3×3×3 one-handed.

At his next competition, the Melbourne Summer Open 2010 on 30 January 2010, Zemdegs set his first world records for 3×3×3 average and 4×4×4 average, with times of 9.21 seconds and 42.01 seconds respectively. He held the 3×3×3 average world record continuously from then until 23 April 2017, improving it 8 times, eventually to 6.45 seconds. The most world records he has ever held at one time was after a competition in Melbourne in May 2011, when he held 12 records. As recently as 28 January 2017, he held 11 of those records concurrently.

At the World Championship 2011 in Bangkok, Zemdegs won 2×2×2, 4×4×4, 5×5×5, and 6×6×6. He also took third in 3×3×3 after winning the first three rounds, and placed third in 7×7×7. At the next world championship, World Championship 2013 in Las Vegas, Zemdegs won 3×3×3, 4×4×4, and 3×3×3 One-handed. He also placed second in 5×5×5 and third in 7×7×7. At World Championship 2015 in São Paulo, Zemdegs won 3×3×3, 2×2×2, 4×4×4, and 5×5×5. He also placed second in 6×6×6, 7×7×7, and Megaminx. At the World Championship 2017 in Paris, Zemdegs won 5×5×5 and 7×7×7. He also took second in 6×6×6, 3×3×3 One-handed, and Megaminx, and placed third in 4×4×4. At the World Championship 2019 in Melbourne, Zemdegs only podiumed in one event, getting third in 5x5x5.

Zemdegs has a website, CubeSkills, which includes tutorials on solving the Rubik's cube and other puzzles. There are free algorithm sheets, and some free speed solving tutorial videos. The site also offers a premium membership, which enables access to advanced speed solving videos. Members can also submit their own solving videos which Zemdegs will critique.

Zemdegs has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, majoring in Economics, with a breadth study track in Mechanical Engineering.

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