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Fly Tales
Written by Lewis Trondheim
Directed by Norman LeBlanc, Charlie Sansonetti
Voices of Brigitte Lecordier
Clement Reverend
Marc Saez
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s)
No. of episodes 65 (list of episodes)
Running time 5 minutes
Production company(s) TVA Films
Distributor HIT Entertainment
Original network Canada
France 3
Original release September 6 (1999-09-06) – December 31, 1999 (1999-12-31)

Fly Tales is a Canadian-French animated series that was made in 1999. It featured the short adventures of a young, curious, friendly fly. The fly would get into sticky situations in settings such as a kitchen, a museum, a gumball machine, etc. but always somehow manages to escape. The show was often shown on Cartoon Network at 5 o'clock in the morning after The Magic Roundabout and before Flying Rhino Junior High, in the UK. The series is based on a French comic book originally by Lewis Trondheim called La Mouche.


No. Title Original air date
1 "All Night Clubbing" 1999 (1999)
The episode starts out with the fly eating some honey. Fly notices a bee and ends up following it to a nightclub (with currency being honey). Since the fly doesn't have honey at the time he sneaks in and is later kicked out and chased back to where he first started, having the "security" bow at the fly's feet.
2 "Angel or Devil" 1999 (1999)
This episode starts out with the fly going into a garbage can to look for food. The fly notices a can with a fish that still has some meat on it. When trying to take some the fly is confronted by a larger male bug. The bug kicks the fly out. This is where a red fly that looks like a devil tells him to be nasty towards the bigger bug, but as he is going to confront the bug a blue fly, that looks like an angel appears and tells him he should be nice. The fly tries this and still gets kicked. The episode goes on with the devil fly and the angel fly telling him what to do. The episode ends with the angel and the devil showing the flies both bug heaven and bug hell.
3 "AstroFly" 1999 (1999)
Fly goes to different planets and is confronted by many different bugs, at the end of the episode it is revealed that he is not actually in space just on a Planets diorama in the kid's bedroom.
4 "Busy as a Bee" 1999 (1999)
Currently there is no description available for this episode.
5 "Desperately Seeking Shoes" 1999 (1999)
In this episode the fly's shoes are stolen while asleep and then thrown away when the bug that stole them doesn't like them. When the fly wakes up he notices he doesn't have his shoes and spends the whole episode trying to find them or a replacement.
6 "Doctor Fly and Mister Bzz" 1999 (1999)
In this episode fly gets this pink liquid poured on him. The pink liquid reacts badly with fly, turning him into a "monster" who then terrorizes the other innocent bugs, while hanging out with the bad ones.
7 "Dog Bug" 1999 (1999)
8 "Fear of the Dark" 1999 (1999)
9 "Fly me to the Moon" 1999 (1999)
10 "Hair" 1999 (1999)
11 "Heads up" 1999 (1999)
12 "Hiccups" 1999 (1999)

After having eaten too much, the fly has the hiccups. A beetle is going to help stop her hiccups.

Note: The beetle was wicked by mocking the fly (which is fat after having eaten too much), will try to be nice when trying to do away her hiccups.
13 "Inside a Dog" 1999 (1999)
In this Episode Fly finds himself sucked in a dog's mouth. While inside the dog he causes a lot of trouble for the workers of the dogs insides.
14 "It's a Wonderful Fly" 1999 (1999)
15 "Mission Control" 1999 (1999)
16 "Nightmare" 1999 (1999)
In this episode you see a giant evil fly who chases a little boy around his house and finally sticks him in a jar just like all the other kids in the room. The episode has a very different ending.
17 "Oh Christmas Tree" 1999 (1999)
In this episode Fly is looking for a place to spend his Christmas, but no one wants him. Finally he finds an old bug who wants to have him stay for Christmas, he also controls the lights on the Christmas tree.
18 "Police Fly" 1999 (1999)
19 "Rock-a-bye-Fly" 1999 (1999)
20 "Showtime" 1999 (1999)
21 "Sleep" 1999 (1999)
22 "Snowfly" 1999 (1999)
23 "Soccer Madness" 1999 (1999)
24 "Superfeast at the Super Market" 1999 (1999)
25 "Superfly" 1999 (1999)
26 "The Ants" 1999 (1999)
This episode starts out with the fly trying to relax when he is chased by a bird, outsmarting the bird he comes across a bunch of Army Ants in training. He tries his best to mimic what they do. In the end the bird shows up again and the fly takes it down and saves the Ant Queen.
27 "The Beach" 1999 (1999)
The Fly comes across a bunch of bugs in a cooking pot all playing in the liquid like its water. The fly learns to swim and soon starts to love playing. He does all sorts of things in the water that grab the attention of the other bugs, but the female bug wants all the attention and tries to get it. It ends with all the bugs being poured down the drain by the humans and they end up at the real beach.
28 "The Blind Fly" 1999 (1999)
The Fly comes across and ugly looking bug and is afraid of it, he notices other bugs throwing crumbs at it and fly decides to follow them as they call him over. The bugs trick the fly into looking into a lamp as they flip the switch. This gives the fly temporary blindness and he is helped by the ugly bug. When he can finally see again he finds the ugly bug was way nicer than the normal ones. They get back at the other bugs and fly off together.
29 "The Bumble Bee" 1999 (1999)
Fly and Beetle decide to have some fun when a bumble bee comes around to pollinate the flowers.
30 "The Butterfly's Ball." 1999 (1999)
31 "The Chocolate Coin" 1999 (1999)
The fly gets a taste of a kid's chocolate coin and wants to get his hands on more. He notices the kid had dropped the chocolate coin and as it fell through random places, the fly followed. The coin eventually lands in a bug bank on top of real identical coins. He then tries to get it back through various ways.
32 "The Clones" 1999 (1999)
Fly finds a machine that if you drop items in it they duplicate. After replicating his shoe and sugar cubes multiple times he accidentally falls in himself; making tons of himself.
33 "The Cockroach" 1999 (1999)
34 "The Comic Strip" 1999 (1999)
35 "The Cosmos and Beyond" 1999 (1999)
36 "The Cuckoo Clock" 1999 (1999)
37 "The Disappearance" 1999 (1999)
The fly is playing with a little ladybug girl and he gets distracted for a minute. As he is distracted the little girl goes to get icecream. After the other bug kids leave she stays because the guy offers a balloon. She is then kidnapped and taken to the guys house where fly must get her back.
38 "The Drop Of Orange" 1999 (1999)
39 "The Factory" 1999 (1999)
40 "The Fax Machine" 1999 (1999)
41 "The Fly and the Baby" 1999 (1999)
42 "The Fly and the Beetle" 1999 (1999)
43 "The Fly and the Termite" 1999 (1999)
44 "The Fly, the Brute and the Beetle" 1999 (1999)
45 "The Genius" 1999 (1999)
46 "The Ghost" 1999 (1999)
Fly accidentally kills a bug when he is trying to teach fly how to jump through a fan to the outside. The bug comes back as a ghost, trying to kill fly.
47 "The Glutter" 1999 (1999)
48 "The Gilded Cage" 1999 (1999)
49 "The Gum Machine" 1999 (1999)
Fly sees gumballs in a gum machine and squeezes through the money slot to get to them. After almost being crushed by money he finally makes it to the gumballs only to find they are next to impossible to eat. He runs into a spider that tries to kill him. Luckily for the fly a kid buys a gumball setting both of them free.
50 "The Gym" 1999 (1999)
51 "The Jungle" 1999 (1999)
52 "The Matador" 1999 (1999)
53 "The Museum" 1999 (1999)

In this episode the fly goes into a museum where he meets a prehistoric fly. They become very good friends. The fly is saddened when they prehistoric fly becomes futuristic and goes away.

Note: In this episode they act more like a couple than just friends.
54 "The Old House" 1999 (1999)
55 "The Orchestra" 1999 (1999)
56 "The Photograph" 1999 (1999)
This is a paradox episode where the fly goes into a photograph and lives the life as a huge fly and as a kids pet. The kid tries to kill a fly and bigger fly says not to. When fly is kicked out of the house for trying to give the kid a night fly (no pun intended) He is seen flying out through the photograph back to a normal size fly and being swatted at by the kid. It than zooms out to show giant fly.
57 "The Production Line" 1999 (1999)
58 "The Radio" 1999 (1999)
59 "The Restaurant" 1999 (1999)
60 "The Sand Castle" 1999 (1999)
61 "The Thief" 1999 (1999)
62 "The Treasure" 1999 (1999)
63 "The Worm" 1999 (1999)
64 "Tornado" 1999 (1999)
65 "Toys" 1999 (1999)
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