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Fried bread
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Fried bread (right) as part of a cooked breakfast
Alternative names Fried slice
Type Bread
Course Side
Place of origin Worldwide
Serving temperature Warm
Main ingredients Bread
Food energy
(per serving)
180 kcal (754 kJ)

Fried bread is a slice of bread that has been fried.


Bread that has been fried in butter has about 180 calories. It is quite high in fat.

Around the world

British Isles

A full English breakfast will often include bread fried in oil, butter, lard, or bacon drippings. In Northern Ireland, an Ulster fry may include fried soda farls.

United States

In the United States, toast is much more popular at breakfast. However, it is still eaten, particularly in the form of French toast, but sometimes as simply a slice of bread fried in butter.

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