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Limes Germanicus 2nd c
The Limes Germanicus
in the second century AD

Frontiers of the Roman Empire is a World Heritage Site. The site includes three walls in different parts of Europe. They were part of the frontiers of the Roman Empire.


Limes (plural: 'Limites') is the Latin name of walls at the border of the Roman empire. There were many such fortifications.

The Latin word has a number of meanings, but the most common one is border.

The term limes was used by Roman writers to describe paths, walls, boundary stones, rivers marking a boundary, but its meaning was not the same as the modern boundary.

Some notable examples of Roman limites are:

  • Limes Arabicus — the frontier of the Roman province of Arabia Petraea facing the desert
  • Limites BritannicusHadrian's Wall; Antonine Wall
  • Limes Germanicus — Upper Germanic & Rhaetian Limes
  • Limes Saxoniae — a medieval limes in Holstein
  • Limes Tripolitanus — the frontier in modern Libya facing the Sahara


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