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The Goldfield Mountains of Arizona are located adjacent to the Superstition Mountains, between Usery Pass and Canyon Lake (Arizona). In 1893, the southern part of the Goldfield Mountains was a large mining district.


The hiking in these mountains is for very advanced hikers. There are no trails on the higher parts of the mountains. The only kinds of trails offered in these mountains are the dirt roadways that were created for miners and ranchers. If someone gets lost, they can easily find their way out. The Goldfield Mountains are pretty compact and if you follow south, you will find the Arizona State Route 88. When by a river and lost, if you go north, Saguaro Lake (Arizona) will appear. While hiking in these mountains, having a compass and plenty of water is very important.

Vegetation and Wildlife

The vegetation zone in the Goldfield Mountains is the Arizona Upland subdivision of the Sonoran Desert, which is also called the saguaro-palo verde forest. Wildlife in these mountains is part of the upper Sonoran ecosystem. These mountains are part of the Tonto National Forest. They contain the trees of palo verde, mesquite, ironwood, desert willow, and catclaw. There are shrubs of ocotillo, saltbush, creosote bush, jojoba, agave, and hackberry. There are also many different kinds of cacti present there. Saguaros are plentiful and so are the pencil cholla cacti. Many different kinds of animals and wildlife creatures have been spotted in the Goldfield Mountains. There have been deer, javelin, foxes, coyotes, roadrunners, red-tailed hawks, bald eagles, and desert tortoises. There are smaller species in these mountains that are protected. These species are: gila monsters and smaller lizards, rattlesnakes and smaller snakes, ground squirrels, tarantulas, centipedes, and horned toads.

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