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A pressure gauge reading in psi (red scale) and kPa (black scale)
Standard: SI unit
Quantity: Pressure or stress
Symbol: Pa
Named after: Blaise Pascal
Expressed in: 1 Pa =
SI base units: kgm−1s−2
US customary units: 1.450 × 10−4 psi
atmosphere: 9.869 × 10−6 atm
bar: 10−5 bar

The pascal (symbol: Pa) is the SI derived unit of pressure or stress. It is a measure of perpendicular force per unit area i.e. equal to one newton per square meter. In everyday life, the pascal is maybe best known from meteorological air-pressure reports, where it happens in the form of hectopascal (1 hPa = 100 Pa). In other cases, the kilopascal is more commonly used, for example on bicycle tire labels. One hectopascal corresponds to 0.1 and one kilopascal to about 1% of atmospheric pressure (near sea level).

It is named after the French mathematician and physicist, Blaise Pascal.

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