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Helmand River
Country Afghanistan, Iran
Physical characteristics
Length 1,150 km
Helmand River Basin Sub
Map of the Helmand River sub-basins

The Helmand River (also spelled Helmend, Helmund, Hirmand; Pashto/Persian: هیرمند, هلمند Hīrmand, Helmand, Greek: Ἐτύμανδρος (Etýmandros), Latin: Erymandrus) is the longest river in Afghanistan. The name means "dammed, having a dam". Helmand Province is named after the river.

The Helmand river stretches for 1,150 km (710 mi). It rises in the Hindu Kush mountains, about 80 km (50 mi) west of Kabul (34°34′N 68°33′E / 34.567°N 68.55°E / 34.567; 68.55), passing north of the Unai Pass. It crosses south-west through the desert of Dashti Margo, to the Seistan marshes and the Hamun-i-Helmand lake region around Zabol at the Afghan-Iranian border (31°9′N 61°33′E / 31.15°N 61.55°E / 31.15; 61.55).

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