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A pair of pondskaters mating
Scientific classification

Latreille, 1810

The Heteroptera is a group of about 40,000 species of insects in the Hemiptera. They are typical bugs.

"Heteroptera" is Greek for "different wings": most species have front wings with both membranous and hardened portions (called hemelytra.

The name "Heteroptera" is used in two different ways in modern classifications. In Linnean nomenclature it is a suborder of the order Hemiptera. In cladistics it is an unranked clade in the Hemiptera clade.

Selected families of Heteroptera

Heteropteran anatomy

Heteroptera morphology-d
Generalized morphology of a Shield bug Pentatomoidea

A: head; B: thorax; C: abdomen. 1: claws; 2: tarsus; 3: tibia; 4: femur; 8: compound eye; 9: antenna; 10: clypeus; 23: laterotergites; 25: pronotum; 26: scutellum; 27: clavus; 28: corium; 29: embolium; 30: membrane.


"Waterbug" is a common name for various aquatic insects.

Selected families of water bugs

  • Backswimmers (Notonectidae)
  • Giant water bugs (Belostomatidae)
  • Water scorpions (Nepidae)
  • Water boatmen (Corixidae)
  • Pond skaters (Gerridae)
  • Smaller water strider (Veliidae)

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